Organic Protein Powder Heavy Metals

Organic Protein Powder Heavy Metals

Organic Protein Powder Heavy Metals | Heavy Metals in your Protein Powder? Plant proteins are worse?? Organic even more so???

Protein supplements can be a very tricky, even treacherous, sector of the increasing fraudulent supplement industry.


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  1. You are what you ate ate.
    The cow was not necessarily sprayed with pesticides etc, but the plants that it ate could have been sprayed

    Relating to low availability of plant proteins its a good point in most of the products. However hemp protein has high availability with albumin and globulin etc and without antinutrients and in addition when its germinated its availability increases by 5 times. There is germinated hempseed protein in the market already but its new and unique product

    Also for sure hemp gathers heavy metals, especially nickel and minor amounts of cadmium and it also is dependent on how its grown, thats why better organic than grown with phosphate fertilisers for example (major cadmium pollutant) Hemp also doesnt need pesticides

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