Organic Protein Powder Heb

Organic Protein Powder Heb

Organic Protein Powder Heb | BoxMac 74: Texas HEB Part 3 – Thick & Creamy, White Cheddar, Deluxe, and Dino Shapes

Friend of the show and food blogger ( Ashley Blom brings the guys an H.E.B. Deluxe! In addition, they get around to trying the Thick & Creamy and White Cheddar H.E.B. varieties, as well as the Hill Country Fare Dino Shapes!


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26 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Heb”

  1. I think we really need to look at ourselves as a mac community and implement some sensible regulation around Box Mac to avoid another over-salted tragedy like the one today.

    Pursuant to that goal I suggest we implement a "Sterile Mac Rule", see, and require that Frankie and Junt follow strict a mac-only communication checklist prior to noodle drainage. All this witty banter, good-natured tomfoolery, and spontaneous Disney duets that we all enjoy so much only serves to open ourselves up to disaster when Junt salts twice over or Frankie overheats a roux.

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