Organic Protein Powder Holland And Barrett

Organic Protein Powder Holland And Barrett

Organic Protein Powder Holland And Barrett | Precision Engineered Instant Milk & Egg Protein review

My review of ‘Precision Engineered’ Instant Milk & Egg Protein.
In summary;
needs to be mixed in a blender (as they recommend to be fair) – will produce lots of lumps in your protein shaker – a bit like drinking porridge with lumpy bits thrown in.
Chocolate flavour tastes pretty good – not too sweet.
Overall though, the relatively low protein count at 15g per serving and the relatively high price makes this product less attractive than others on the market. It is of course another alternative for those (like me) who have issues with the cheaper whey protein concentrates – this product is a mixture of casein, eggwhite and whey protein isolate.
Holland & Barrett currently advertising this product at £21.59 for the 397g tub – that works out at £54.98 per kilo. Expensive!
if you add milk to the mix you will get approx. 21g protein per serving which is comparable to the whey proteins that provide the same mixed with water – the obvious difference being the ‘standard’ whey proteins don’t need to be mixed with the milk to provide that amount of protein.

That being said, if you want to add the milk and are happy using the blender and want to avoid cheaper whey protein concentrates then this is certainly an option.
Cheaper retail outlets will provide this product at a lower price than the one quoted above, e.g. Amazon and ebay – see links (affiliate) below to compare;
Amazon –
Ebay –


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