Organic Protein Powder Hyvee

Organic Protein Powder Hyvee

Organic Protein Powder Hyvee | BoxMac 82: Boring Chuck from Ohio

Several episodes back, an angry fan didn’t like that we invited our friend Ashley on. In a comment, he referred to her as “Boring Chuck from Ohio,” perhaps meaning “boring chick from Ohio,” but even at that, she’s not from Ohio. To troll back, we introduce a new character, “Boring Chuck from Ohio,” to make some very boring macs – Essential Everyday, Gold Emblem, and Hy-Vee.

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Coolduder’s Fatal 4 Way Mac Battle!

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Kraft Three Cheese vs. Kraft Four Cheese Deluxe!

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40 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Hyvee”

  1. I grew up in and still live in Western Massachusetts. Love you guys. Whenever you make Massachusetts references it makes me feel like I'm part of an inside joke. In a weird way I also feel like I'm supporting local art or something by watching your show. Keep em coming, guys!

  2. this was my favorite episode yet. Obviously you need a sound guy (but not so much the other "guys"). so maybe just have him do cuts of the water boiling? could probably cut the next season down into one episode which would make it way easier on frank here

  3. LOL Thanks for having my back, guys. For the record I've dealt with a lot worse internet hate than Matthew (who expressed more internet-mild-dislike than hate tbh–no hard feelings, sir!) so it was a non-issue for me. But I am so happy it inspired such a freaking hilarious followup.

    Regardless, I love you both/all to pieces, was absolutely thrilled to be on the show, and can't wait to see you again! 🙂

  4. I think Boring Chuck will take over the show next year or he'll get his own spin-off if this keeps up what can of worms have you open it begins now Red Cow media you of open the door to your worst nightmare you've invited him in the demon that is boring now you too we'll start to feel more boring
    you will find two terrible Mac's in the next 5 videos i hope you can fight of the evil of the boring may you have faith

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