Organic Protein Powder Hyvee

Organic Protein Powder Hyvee

Organic Protein Powder Hyvee | Went in for Eggs and Spent $150 // Walmart + HyVee Grocery Haul and Meal Plan // Dec 7 2018

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24 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Hyvee”

  1. Hi Jen, Kiera looks just like you. She’s very pretty. Sweet girl. I have to go to the store with a list, otherwise I overspend and overbuy. Or I forget 1 or 2 important things. TFS!!

  2. I have to say what a impressive daughter you have. Whenever you would gently direct or correct her she took your direction without any "lip" or rolling of the eyes, and just continued on. How refreshing to see. So pleasant and respectful. Well done!

  3. Campbell’s Bean with Bacon soup is total comfort food for me. My childhood all over. Of course now I put 1/2 chicken stock and 1/2 water, if you use all chicken stock it’s too salty. Also I crumble a couple slices of crispy bacon in it. Yum!

  4. It's the story of every mom life! Who doesn't go into the store to get a few things and comes out with a ton! Hahaha! I love your channel,and it's one of my faves I go to to be in the kitchen with!XOXOXOXO

  5. We love bean & bacon soup.

    We add garlic powder & white pepper into it & some sliced hot dogs or sausage. Or leftover ham. And crumble saltine crackers into it.

    Kroger had johnsonville sausage on sale last week so lots of bean & bacon soup in my future.

    Those gift tags are cute.

  6. If you send a man to buy just one item, they will just buy that one item. Woman go in for one item and we buy everything!
    Cos we are crazy and love to think of others..
    Your daughter is going to break many hearts one day with that beautiful smile x

  7. What is the milkshake IPA? That sounds yummy!! Love the stout!! I can't go to the grocery store tired, hungry or stressed…haha…so yep eggs turn into $150 for me every frikin time!!

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