Organic Protein Powder India

Organic Protein Powder India

Organic Protein Powder India | ₹300 PROTINEX Vs ₹3000 WHEY PROTEIN | The Shocking Truth!

Protinex or Whey Potein, which one is better ?
The shocking truth about the whey protein and protinex.

Protinex review.


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42 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder India”

  1. This time m not agree with ur theory about these products…
    Protinex ko wo bhi le sakte hai jo gym nhi jate …like i am not a gym guy…n m having proteinx from last 3 months n it actually work on me …when i started i was 59 kg guy n now m 64 kg within 3 month without any gym or exercise.
    On a other side before proteinx main whey protein he le rha tha but usse mujhe bahut health issue ho rhey they it was very heavy to digest without gym or exercise…
    So i can say that proteinx is gud for non gym person ..
    Yes as u said we add suger in proteinx but i dnt use any suger n trust me without suger it teast very bad…lol
    Can u suggest me any other gud protein supplement which a guy (non gym)like me can use without any digestive issue pls.

  2. Brother can you please do some research on Whey Protein by "Asitis Nutrition" Company. It is a much affordable product for students like me i.e.., around Rs.1200/- per 900g. So,can you please check it out and tell if it is safe to use or not. Will be waiting for your reply. : )

  3. My kids r 8 yrs & 11 yrs old .

    They go for karate classes also.

    can I give this whey protein to them as we r vegetarians ?
    If yes, is it to be given with milk or water

    Pls reply fit tuber

  4. May i know your name

    sometime you suggest isopure and now you suggest different product

    be steady with your statement what you made

    i have lots of evidence that you fuck people

    call me on 7045348545 this is call strength

  5. Hi vivek…pls give a info…1 thing i have noticed that on some packings of ON gold standard comes with whey protein "isolates" mentioned on them and on some packings have whey protein "isolate" on them is there is any difference in both or they are same or anyone of these is fake…pls very BIG doubt

  6. it's quite odd that this product is being made in India that's why so many people from India are pushing it but let me tell you about their lack of knowledge it has sugar in it so let us all reflect on the b***** that is sent to America 2420 that we like spoon fed to us.. let's listen to sugar sugar by The archies

  7. Please make a video on collagen peptides, it's important and who needs it and why. Also which brands are available in India to buy from. And is there any vegetarian collagen powder or capsule available online in India. Thank you

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