Organic Protein Powder India

Organic Protein Powder India

Organic Protein Powder India | Best protein powder for muscle building in India – How to select protein – BeerBicepsGym Advice

The best protein powder for muscle building in India is the one you make an educated decision about.
Super special (and highly requested) video today, all about protein shakes and protein powders in India. The most common fitness and bodybuilding related doubts i get are always about protein shakes or gym supplements or powders or my opinion on a certain bodybuilding product. That’s why i’ve decided to launch this video today! Don’t be reliant on me, or any fitness expert when it comes to your Indian protein powder related doubts! Choose a protein supplement in India, yourself, making an educated decision!

Whey protein is a great bodybuilding and gymming supplement. I personally feel that both men and women, especially Indians should be making full use of its availability in the market!

I bring you ” How to choose a protein powder in India ” – My top 3 tips on how to select a protein shake. Gymming is an art form in which proteins are a necessity in my opinion. How to choose the right whey protein is not a skill, its a simple art. Gym supplements are another matter though. Don’t go on to that bandwagon. But as far as protein shakes are concerned, this is the ultimate how to choose the right protein powder video you need. Protein shake india style. I bring you, ” How to choose whey protein supplements ”

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29 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder India”

  1. Does anyone else think that this guy is working for protein supplement companies? Proteins are not alien stuffs. We have it every single day in our normal diet. Just 5 egg whites will give you 30grams of protein which has 100% bioavailability and cheaper when compared to all these stupid whey proteins.

  2. One wrong thing which you said over here is that ON Gold Standard costs 500 bucks more than Ultimate Nutrition Prostar whey. It isnt the case. Gold Standard costs an upwards of 2500 rupees more. Rest the way of presentation and communication skills are awesome so good job!

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