Organic Protein Powder Instructions

Organic Protein Powder Instructions

Organic Protein Powder Instructions | How to make a Herbalife Formula 1 meal replacement shake

this is a quick video to show you how to make a lovely Herbalife formula 1 meal replacement shake. if you want any info on Herbalife products don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


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  1. no nono your suporting a army of evil herbal life is bad here i will show you some reports here this is a report from seeking alpha. In July of 2016, the FTC issued a report on their investigation into HLF's business practices.

    The report concluded that there were no significant retails sales, and revenues were derived from coerced consumption.

    Herbalife settled with the FTC agreeing to a $200M fine and a restructuring of their business model that they appear to be violating.

    I believe reported levels of reward-able sales and preferred customers are unrealistic and that further action against HLF by the FTC is likely. This would have serious implications for investors.

    I'm sure just about anyone reading this article understands the basics of the Herbalife (HLF) saga over the past couple of years, and therefore, I am not going to spend a lot of time rehashing it. In short, Bill Ackman accused the company of being an illegal pyramid scheme and shorted the stock. Carl Icahn took the opposite trade and made no bones about his motive to settle an old score with Ackman. Ackman's high-profile public accusations forced the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Herbalife's business practices, and in July of 2016, the FTC issued a report concluding they found that there were no significant retail sales and that coerced consumption was the only substantial source of revenues, which by definition is a pyramid scheme.

    (6) the court found that personal consumption by a distributor's downline does not satisfy the Koscot requirement that sales be to the "ultimate user." Therefore, when designing a multilevel marketing plan, the approach presenting the least risk is to institute and enforce a rule that at least 70% of a distributor's purchases result in true retail sales to persons who do not participate in the compensation program.

    The FTC also announced a settlement with Herbalife whereby Herbalife agreed to pay a $200M fine and to a consent decree that required the company to restructure their business in order to ensure most of their revenues were derived from sales to end users who were not business opportunity seekers. The settlement required that HLF segregate participants into two basic categories: Preferred Customers and Business Opportunity Seekers. Preferred Customers cannot participate in the business opportunity; however, they can buy products for their own personal use at volume discounts. The Business Opportunity Seekers rewards for personal consumption are restricted to about $200/ month of volume. In addition to this, there is a requirement to create invoices for retail sales and to keep customer information. Finally, total company-wide business opportunity rewards are severely limited if company-wide "reward-able" or non-coerced consumption-based sales are less than 80% of total sales. I will be exploring the 80% reward-able sales in this article.

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