Organic Protein Powder Ireland

Organic Protein Powder Ireland

Organic Protein Powder Ireland | The Problem with Greens Supplements

One serving of Collagen Veggie Blend contains 2 servings of whole organic vegetables (1 from leafy greens and 1 from other veggies), 1/2 serving of high-antioxidant whole organic fruit, 10 grams of collagen peptides… and absolutely nothing else! There’s none of the problematic ingredients so common in other greens supplements out there.

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Studies unequivocally show that the more fresh vegetables and fruit we consume daily, the lower our risk of every chronic illness, with the cusp for maximizing our benefits of high-veggie intake being 8+ servings every day. See

I love the idea of greens supplements: stir a few scoops of powder into a glass, chug it, and away you go.  The only problem is that nearly all greens supplements options are made with ingredients that I don’t want to put into my body.  Besides the obvious baddies like flavors, colors, preservatives, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents, and sweeteners, even some ingredients that might seem Paleo-friendly on the surface aren’t actually that awesome.

Ingredients that turn me away from greens supplements include:
*stevia, monk fruit, and sugar alcohols like erythritol
*wheat grass and barley grass
*plant proteins like pea protein
*spirulina and chlorella
*”superfoods” like goji berry
*plant juices or extracts

Link to articles on why these aren’t great ingredients (complete with scientific references) here:

Yes, when you take this level of fine-toothed comb to ingredients lists, it’s nearly impossible to find a greens supplement that doesn’t include problematic ingredients. 

That’s why I previously didn’t recommend any greens supplement…  that is, until Collagen Veggie Blend!

Collagen Veggie Blend is the result of a collaboration between myself (Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD of and Vital Proteins, a company focused on creating high-quality whole-foods-based supplements. It’s Whole30 approved, Paleo, and Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) compliant.

Quite simply, Collagen Veggie Blend is designed to make upping your vegetable and fruit intake easy and convenient, while also supplying your body with quality collagen protein (rich in glycine, collagen is the same healthy protein in bone broth!) to support skin, hair, nail, gut and immune health.

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Disclosure: Links to order are affiliate links. This is a co-branded product and as such, I receive a license fee on all units sold. I am under no obligation to promote this product and the opinions represented in this video and linked articles are my own.


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