Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You

Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You

Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You | Do Protein Shakes Work? | Earth Lab

Do protein shakes actually help you build muscle? Chris Van Tulleken explains.

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42 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You”

  1. You are a doctor, not a nutritionist and obviously not a sports physician because if you were you would know that 60g of protein is absolutely not enough for a person cutting down. Also the 30% too much protein is kinda weird to me when you keep in mind that around 50% of brits are overweight, so not only do they ''overconsume'' protein, they do so with carbs and fats as well

  2. He forgot to fit Roids on the equation to understand the video, when you on cycle and magically you turn into arnold schwarzenegger then the intake of protein supplements as protein shakes makes a lot of sense for your body as an abnormal amount of muscular mass is growing and your body needs as much protein as possible and fast to be able to process effectively what is going on otherwise you are just wasting your money but i have to say that i love the lemon flavour, taste very nice with my carrots, apples fresh lemon and orange juice i take, yum

  3. Whey seems to be in debate for what you need.
    Vitamin supplement however seem to be completely unnecessary.
    The good analogy of “your car needs a key to drive it, but nobody goes out and buys 50 car keys for one car”.
    The only time you’d need a supplement Is if your living in a country with little sun exposure (Vit D), or you have a crazy unbalanced diet.

  4. How many people actually have a well balanced diet. I've only started getting sensible trying to eat my 5 a day, less processed an all that jazz and even this is differcult. I didn't realise I'm an addict to fizzy drinks and eating out, bad choices eating out. I didn't realise how much enjoyment I got out of eating, sugary processed foods. Now I'm eating all the right things been doing it for nearly 3 weeks, I've quit smoking Aswell, I hardly drank booze so that's one less thing. But, by God. I am having my days. Some days are great and others I'm so bored. I've got tonnes of energy, I work 40 hours a week, walk my dog, go out with my friends, see the family, go the gym and I feel constantly restless. But if I have a bit of chocolate and a fizzy drink, I relax. Any tips would be helpful, or is it just in my mind adjusting to a new way of life?

  5. It will either be excreted or stored as fat droplets in your fat cells, everything in moderation. But heavy lifting requires more protein in your system, so protein powder is good for athletes, but timing is everything. This guy is clueless and so is his brother.

  6. I'm using protein powder when i don't have quick access to normal food. Sometimes before gym i drink a cup of this white precious liquid food and it really helps not to starve before next food consumption!

  7. Dude protine metabology deffers from body to body. Some peple build up body even by taking mal nutrition food. Some people can not build body even though they use protiene powder + meat. Not only that protiene metabology requires b6 and sulfer

  8. What about for a vegetarian? I eat nuts and eggs and milk but otherwise its quite hard for me to get substantial protein, which is why I use these supplements. Surely in my case it is doing me good?

  9. as a power lifter i disagree.. i don't need to be some "top tier bodybuilder" to need more protein than the average person. I know from direct experience I see far less results if I do not actively seek extra protein. He is kind of snobby when he tells his audience how active they are and assumes they go to the gym maximum 3 times a week. People who are much more serious are actually quite common. more protein means faster results pure and simple

  10. I weigh 102kg. To gain substantial muscle growth I need at least 90gr of protein on my daily diet. This mean I have to eat 2 cans of tuna, or 1/2 kilo of steak or 13 eggs. They are inconvenience to prepare and and they are a lot to digest in my stomach. For 90gr of protein I can get it from 4 scoops of whey protein powder with little preparation and less food to digest.

  11. Well im sure is i added up everything i ate my protein would be well under as i am not a big fan of high protein meats so i would most likely need extra protein whether i was trainning or not

  12. It's an effective way of lowering your carb and sugar intake and building muscle. As someone who bulked up to 100 kilograms (227 pounds) and is naturally 90 kilos (200 pounds) with around 13% body fat (I'm 191 cm which is about 6'3.5"), and now starting my cutting period, I would get protein powder which is low on sugars and has protein in it.

  13. After your workout, your body has about an hour where it hasn't realized that you stopped working out, so it's still constantly sending nutrients and what not to your muscles. If you drink whey protein immediately after your workout, it will be digested within 30 mins, which is in that 1 hour window of opportunity for muscle growth, and all the protein will be sent directly to the muscles that have just been trained. Without whey protein, you'll be missing out on a world of muscle growth… and there is no food that digests faster than 3 hours, so that's completely out of the question. News companies really haven't got a clue on bodybuilding or programs in general, so they'll tell you that's it's not all that necessary. But as any real bodybuilder will tell you, it's absolutely crucial. In fact, supplements in general are the breaking point for bodybuilding. They decide whether you'll build muscle or reach a plateau within 1 year of training.

  14. Whey is probably the cheapest and most convenient protein source per 100g.

    IMO, if you had to overeat, you are better off eating too much protein than too much carbs or fats if you are training 2-3 times a week.

  15. this video☢☢☢ SUCKS☢☢☢ it only talk about people living on the uk + it doesn't have any statistics about how much the average person in uk consumes protein do they consume 2g of protein per 1unity (kg) of bodyweight (which is the minimum required for optimum muscle growth) hell no ! … here is the deal : try to get your daily required protein intake (2g per bodyweight) exp: if you weight 70kg you will need 140 g of protein per day and if you can't do that for many reasons u can use whey protein "u should" .

  16. The problem with this video is that it has a un-exercising doctor giving nutritional advice to "weekend gym goers". It's entirely different when u actually exercise every day and u want to build muscle. For "normal" people, yes, it's entirely possible to get "enough" protein from ur random daily diet (but most of the "normal" people I know only eat 1-2 protein meals a day, rest of their meals are mainly carb loaded)… And when doctors speak of getting enough protein, they mean enough for normal activity. What is actually enough is different when your goal is the best body composition possible.

    And there's other mistakes:
    -Extra protein DOES indeed help build MORE muscle. This has been proven in several studies. 2g of protein per kg/bw builds more muscle than 1g per kg/bw.
    -It has also been proven that when people are fed more protein in their diet, they will build more muscle mass AND lose more bodyfat even if they don't exercise! And that's because…
    -The extra protein u eat does NOT turn into fat. It's possible in theory, but rare in practise.
    -He made it sound like whey protein is a low quality meal replacement, when in fact whey protein is one of the BEST protein sources along with eggs with a biological value of 100 (=perfect absorption and usability in the human body) (meat has a bva of 70-80% and grains/nuts 50-60%).
    -You don't have to be an "elite bodybuilder" to have benefits from whey powders. Everyone who is serious about shaping their body can benefit from the convenience of protein powders. They are not needed, but they just make it easier to reach ur protein quota daily.

    Also, some of u people are touting the "brainwashing of fitness industry". Well, as a fit person myself with 9 years of recreational bodybuilding, let me ask u this: Would u take nutritional advice from a doctor, who looks like, well, a normal everyday man? OR a person who actually IS fit and has the dream body u have always wanted? Be adviced that doctors are only required a very MINIMAL amount of nutritional studies in their multi-year education! There's a reason why the people in the fitness industry are fit and that's because the fitness lifestyle works (not talking about those who take steroids).

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