Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You

Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You

Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You | The Scary Truth About Protein Shakes

Your dependency on protein shakes and supplements might indicate more about your health than you may think. John and Hannah discuss.

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32 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You”

  1. You guys are telling the truth. Some folks will never listen until they find themselves in a predicament. Avoid supplements if you can. After depending on protein powder for 4 years I almost lost my kidneys. I swear, I was always tired, heart problems, muscle cramps, calf muscle pull. My doctor advised me to stop using protein powder immediately.

  2. The best protein for the gym and bulk up is to eat egg white, it is good to buy 3 dozen in advance is enough for 1 week but you just have to eat the egg white not the yolk, 6 eggs white every day + dietary supplement like weight gainer

  3. I'm going to have to say that these people clearly have no idea what they are talking about. This is seriously some of the stupidest crap I've ever heard. The main reason people drink protein shakes is to get more protein in their diet (or if they are stupid to lose weight). Also, being FDA approved does not make something safe. Look at all the lawsuits against the prescription drug manufacturers out there. Billions of dollars in suits every year because all these FDA approved drugs are killing people. There are millions of pounds of FDA approved beef that gets recalled every year because of problems. FDA approved pretty much means you paid the government to put a sticker on your product.

  4. Protein shakes are freaking horrible, you dont need that much proteins, you need the right one, proteins arent just "proteins" just loading up on the wrong kind isnt going to be good, especially for your kidneys.

  5. Real food is always better but I like a shake in the morning before work. I mix in a banana and other fruit. I don't want to wake up and cook at 5 am. I smash a shake and i'm off to the races. Most people I work with don't eat nearly anything until lunch. I'm eating salmon and rice at 9am. Natural bodybuilding is healthy. Steroids not Creatine cause all the fucked up problems. Bottom line eat real food. Its always the better choice. These two are retards by the way.

  6. First: You NEVER replace your actual food with supplements, because these things are only to be used to SUPPLEMENT your diet. It is an optional addition.

    Second: They almost had it right, but your body can only process so much of protein at once. What they said is not wrong, since if you can only process so much at once there is a certain amount in a given day then, but it is a lot more than just 120-150g. Just don't consume more than 40-45g in one meal and you can handle it.

    Third: If your self-conscious about your body, DO NOT use supplements in the beginning. You will have no idea how to use it properly and you are wasting your time that way. Just wait until you know what you are doing before you try a supplement routine.

  7. cmon guys, I love your vids but if you are gunna make one about supplements, get someone who knows what they are talking about.

    someone who exercises to burn of calories in excess, is called an exercise bulimic.

    creatine causes testicular cancer? cmon, you are smarter than that, pull up a reputable source don't just make things up.

    supplements aren't FDA approved however they cannot lie on ingredient list, that is still required to have kCals and macronutrient, and if they lie it is false advertising and they get fucked.

    replacing meals with supplements is fine as long as macronutrients are solid, protein powder IS REAL FOOD, whey protein comes from milk.

    Also liver/kidney problems related to "supplement" use is a vast majority of things and could mean TONS of different supplements, with more importantly DIFFERENT INGREDIENTS, supplements are never bad, INGREDIENTS can be bad.
    (also doctors love to write off supplements as an easy way to diagnose an issue, there was a TyT episode about how lazy doctors are dealing with a slander case and a colonoscopy)

    how many of those kidney/liver cases were due to prior existing kidney/liver issues (which supplements can ABSOLUTELY exasperate)

    also "imposing structure" on your body which is unnatural when it comes to tracking calories. well what else is unnatural? driving cars, sitting at day jobs all day, also being in kick ass shape. natural we are supposed to be skinny fat, sleep 10 hours a night then walk and hunt all day. and gorge to survive.

    also there was not really a "scary truth" about protein shakes seemed like a clickbait.

    and the ending saying let us know if you have been hospitalized or had a scary occurrence from supplements gets you to just have one point of view,

  8. Yea, you can either stop counting your calories and consulting a doctor before taking supplements and taking the safe way into working out which is counterbalanced by doing cross-shit, or you could fill your face with supplements, count every calorie and the nutritional content, and experiment until you are making the maximum amount of gains.

  9. Complete bullshit story guys.  Will consuming 4 to 5 times the recommended amount of protein cause health problems? Of course but that is because over doing any type of food or supplement will cause health problems.

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