Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You

Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You

Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You | 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat too Much Plant Protein

John from interviews Robert Cheeke a vegan bodybuilder for over 10 years on 3 reasons why you should never eat too much plant protein.

In this episode, you will discover why too much animal protein is bad if you are bodybuilding. You will also learn why focusing on plant based protein may not be a good thing either.

Robert will share his top 3 tips on why too much plant protein is not a good idea. You will discover how Robert is stronger now NOT eating protein powders than when he included several vegan protein shakes in his diet for years.

You will discover Robert’s top 3 foods for bodybuilding and which foods you should focus on to build muscle, gain health and endurance.

You will also learn where the best sources of protein comes from on a plant based vegan diet.

You will learn Robert’s opinions on vegan protein powders and if they are a good thing or not for you and the vegan movement. You will learn why Robert gave them up.

You will discover how to answer the question, “Do you get enough protein” ?

You will also learn what you are missing in your diet when your sole focus is protein.

After watching this episode, you will have the knowledge you need to improve your strength, endurance and health on a plant based diet.

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47 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Is It Good For You”

  1. everyone seems to have their own diet agenda, but i truly want people to do what's healthiest and improve the health of the nation. at 8:30 he kinda hints at it: protein has a strong thermogenic effect on the metabolism (see berardi et al), which is why a high protein diet with more calories can lead to a leaner physique than a carb diet with less calories. a calorie is not a calorie (as lustig points out in "sugar, the bitter truth").

    personally, i'm hoping my new vegan diet will lead to lower psa levels–i'm almost out of bullets. but my strength and energy levels have fallen drammatically in the gym since the change. grocery bill was supposed to decrease, but it has increased significantly. 🙁

    anyone have any input on bringing psa levels down with vegan diet or otherwise?

  2. Common sense here. Eat foods the way nature made them, nature knows what it's doing and doesn't have a profit incentive. I healed from extreme eczema by adopting a whole foods plant based diet, and no processed food ( food with "ingredients) period. Took a year, but it thoroughly worked and I feel better than I ever did before I got the illness!

  3. Great interview, thanks. My only concern with my own diet came recently when I analysed it and found it to be quite deficient in methionine. I know that the reduced levels of methionine in a plant based diet is one of the benefits of eating this way, but I was way below the RDA and it is important for methylation and MTHFR. I've introduced a bit more sesame into my diet and moringa as I'm certainly not going to supplement with isolated methionine. I also bought a tin of Fish4ever mackerel, looked at it for a week and then after hearing a recent report that there's only 13% of the worlds oceans that have not been farmed and infiltrated by humans, I took it back to the shop and swapped it for some veg!

  4. Not according to Dr. Atkins and many others. Sugar feeds cancer cells and promotes growth. You can't burn fat when insulin is present and eating all those carbs will keep insulin high.

  5. its the quality of the meat lakota natives might have eaten 6-8 pounds a day. wild meat is great for you, you should eat plenty of greens with the meat though , heck too much spinach can cause stones. Get high quality organic pasture raised grass finished beef, bison ,yak,elk, ostrich, order online if you cant buy it. soy protein Is HORRIBLE, get pea protein if you can get red meat.

  6. No natural bodybuilder with a high protein diet has died younger than 70. Especially from cancer. Chinese study ? really ? You faggots who are vegans love to scare the meat eaters. Its all emotions. High protein is a problem when you dont workout. you need a higher protein than an avg joe who dosent workout. one gram per pound of bodyweight for someone who worksout is not bad. if someone takes only 80 grams of protein who dosent workout is euivalent to 160 grams of protein to someone that worksout. It goes to your muscle and protein powders are easily too absorb which means less burden to the liver. All kinds of drugs junkfoods out there u queers picked on the protein. You can have every single nutrient known to man except for protein and your looking at a total muscle colapse. protein thats why its called `pro` its the most important nutrient for a human. Dumbasses.

  7. Dr John McDougall recommends to keep protein at 16 percent (maximum) of your total calories. In contrast human milk only give about 5 percent, at a human's point of fastest growth.

  8. Pseudoscience? Really? So why with the standard American diet with an over emphasis on meat products 3x day, gmo' and tons of low grade fats and sugar is there so much obesity, heart disease, mental illness, diabetes, the list goes on and on. It's anyone's right to eat what and how much they want, but don't turn to the 'health' industry at the cost of billions of dollars to tax payers in a vane attempt to maintain health. Maybe time to rethink the old and pathetically outdated way of how and what we eat.

  9. sorry carbs dont fill me up and maybe why he had problems and was bloated because of how much sodium he was consuming and not enough green veggies lentils and other various whole plant protein.also no one i know drinks 6 protein shakes a day also soy isolate supposedly causes IGF1.

  10. everything in moderation. … I was thinking of supplementing with hemp protein powder, though after watching this I will stick to a balanced vegan diet. I make my own Seitan but I always eat it with healthy grains and a ton of fresh veggies. thanks for the video !!

  11. Some interesting studies:

    "Simply stated, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that high-protein intake has adverse effects on liver function. Relative to renal function, there are no data in the scientific literature demonstrating that healthy kidneys are damaged by the increased demands of protein consumed in quantities 2–3 times above the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). In contrast with the earlier hypothesis that high-protein intake promotes osteoporosis, some epidemiological studies found a positive association between protein intake and bone mineral density. Further, recent studies studies suggest, at least in the short term, that RDA for protein (0.8 g/kg) does not support normal calcium homeostasis. Finally, a negative correlation has been shown between protein intake and systolic and diastolic blood pressures in several epidemiological surveys. In conclusion, there is little if any scientific evidence supporting above mentioned statement. Certainly, such public warnings should be based on a thorough analysis of the scientific literature, not unsubstantiated fears and misrepresentations. For individuals with normal renal function, the risks are minimal and must be balanced against the real and established risk of continued obesity."
    The study:

    "…high protein intake had 75% increase in overall mortality and 4-fold increase in cancer death risk…” BUT "These associations were either abolished or attenuated if the proteins were plant derived.”
    The study:
    “Vegan proteins may reduce risk of cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular disease by promoting increased glucagon activity.”
    The study:
    Pea protein shows blood pressure-lowering potentialProteins isolated from peas may reduce blood pressure in both rats and humans, says a new study from Canada that adds to the cardiovascular benefits of the proteins.

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