Organic Protein Powder Keto

Organic Protein Powder Keto

Organic Protein Powder Keto | Low Carb Smoothies | Delicious VS Nutritious | Keto Green Smoothie vs Chocolate Coconut Smoothie

Low Carb Smoothies | Delicious VS Nutritious

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Low Carb Smoothies | Delicious VS Nutritious | Keto Green Smoothie vs Chocolate Coconut Smoothie
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39 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Keto”

  1. This is awesome! I've been craving a milkshake! I'm going with DELICIOUS! I may use a couple drops of mint extract instead of coconut for a chocolate shamrock shake!

  2. Almond milk. Cacao. Chia seeds. Psyllium. Hydrolyzed collagen, pumpkin seeds. Maca powder. mct oil.
    Broccoli sprouts. Almond butter. Green powder: wheat grass spirullina etc. Stevia. Blend And enjoy

  3. That is too little cocoa powder to resemble Mounds (which I also love). Many ppl on Keto also have digestive problems (IBS, SIBO, gluten intolerance, etc) so the xantham gum can not be used. You don't reveal what sweetener is in the protein powder and if there is anything else in the liquid stevia (alcohol, xylitol, inulin or if it is pure stevia, some ppl can't have those sweeteners). For this to be a Keto smoothie, where is the fat??? 80% of your calorie intake should be from fat! This smoothie is not Keto, it is Paleo (depending on the protein type, if it is vegan from beans, rice or peas then it is not even Paleo), it's a Standard American Diet/SAD smoothie. Also the shredded coconut makes it more of a pudding consistency, not a drinkable smoothie. You need a high speed blender to make it really smooth (Blendtec or Vitamix). Go back to the drawing board! This is what you could do: use luke warm water (so the coconut oil doesn't make lumps if water is too cold), (water heated on stove, not in microwave), melted virgin coconut oil (the virgin oil has more coconuty flavor), or MCT oil, 1/2 tbs organic sunflower lecithin powder (emlusifyer of water and fat), coconut butter, "Perfect Keto" (a brand on amazon) vanilla/stevia protein powder, more cocoa powder, blend, then add ice cubes, if it is not cold enough for your taste then put it in freezer for a little bit. To thicken smoothies and desserts I use glucomannan powder, also called konjac powder or konjac flour (on amazon). My body tolerates it despite gastro-intestinal problems but everybody is different so caution is recommended. Glucomannan is a fiber and expands in the body so you need to drink a lot of water (to prevent constipation), minimum 8 oz if used in puddings or Japanese noodles and other dishes (for this smoothie I would use 1/4-1/2 tsp powder, wait 15 minutes and check thickness). Good luck.

  4. I'll be making hers as my treats. I'll use vanilla protein powder, with vanilla flavoring, in sweeten almond milk with stevia or vanilla skinny cow syrup and hopefully I have a nice vanilla milk shake type of smoothie. Will give it a shot this weekend. I wonder if she put avocado as a thickener would it over power the drink because if not that would her thickener and fat.

  5. Totally going to veganize AND combine these. My current green smoothie is hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax meal, raw cacao, spiraluna, Chlorella, barley grass juice powder, spinach, kale, cucumber, a couple bananas, and tons of water. For keto I'll use the xanathan gum and canned coconut milk, likely plant head/sunwarrior/nutiva hemp powder, omit banana, probably add a nut butter as well…..keeping all the rest.

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