Organic Protein Powder Keto

Organic Protein Powder Keto

Organic Protein Powder Keto | Keto Full Day of Eating | EAS Myoplex Keto Shake Review

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32 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Keto”

  1. Do you ever mess up and eat something not keto approved ?? I made these cookies for my family but they didn't look like they turn out very well so I ate one or part of one then I ended up eating the entire cookie and after that I felt like I was craving all of the cookies but what do you do when you mess up and eat something that's not on plan

  2. Hey! Been watching your videos for a while on my regular channel! always enjoy seeing what you are up to. you have such great energy and i love your dog! lol I also have hypothyroidism. peeps never understand how terrible it is when your medication isn't right or you are not taking anything. i recently started my own youtube weight loss journey only on week 1 but its def a work in progress.

    keep it up!

  3. You're totally right, eating a meal would be better than drinking that shake, or making your own with less carbs… damn 5 carbs is a lot whether it's meant to be a meal replacement or not.

  4. Oh man! You said love bugs and I laughed because I moved from the Florida Panhandle about 2 years ago and haven't seen a love bug since! I'm in North Idaho and they do not have them here and I do NOT miss those things!

  5. Thanks for sharing during your stressful end of semester days…I don't think I would go for the 400 cal shake as a daily sub either…Slightly burned chicken is the best!…I think Beaux was all worked up because he knows it's time to go home to his pals…Liked!

  6. I got a Mainstay scale at Walmat and it doesn't weigh ML but I found and I hope I am right that the grams are the same as ml LOL…correct me please if I am wrong anybody. Love your videos Kat and love Beau he is such a cutie and it makes me want a cocker again as I used to want one but I realized long ago that Florida is not good for them because of their ears and the possible eye issues they can have.

  7. Love your videos,girl! I started keto about a month ago, and I've already made so many of the recipes you've shared. Thank you so much for everything!❤️ Also, I grew up not too far from Baytown! I live in TN right now, but Texas will always have my heart.

  8. What do I do? I've over ate on my keto food this week. Don't know if it's my time of month or what. But I'm also kind of stalled. So what would be a good menu plan for two or three days just to get started back into losing?

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