Organic Protein Powder Keto Diet

Organic Protein Powder Keto Diet

Organic Protein Powder Keto Diet | How to Get in More Fat on a Keto Diet! | 2 Simple Ways to Reach Your Fats!

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4th & Heart, Ghee Butter, Grass-Fed

California Gold Nutrition, MCT Oil, From Coconut Oil

MaraNatha, Roasted Almond Butter, Creamy

Navitas Organics, Organic Cacao Powder

Organic Coffee Co., Organic Breakfast Blend, Ground Coffee

Spectrum Naturals, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Unrefined

Wisdom Natural, SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia, SweetDrops Sweetener, Vanilla Crème

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42 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Keto Diet”

  1. I'm on day 4 of Keto and I was curious of what I could do to keep up with the fat. I drive buses for a living so I don't really get to eat anything but almonds and drink water while I drive for 8 hours. That coffee looks good and am totally have to try it and those bombs. Aything to keep me from getting light headed and tired.

  2. There’s a common misconception that fat is bad for us. However, this misconception fails to adequately represent healthy fats which are actually good for us. The ketogenic diet, with its high percentage of good fats, leads to a fat adaptive metabolic state.

  3. Will the fat bomb melt under the normal temperature (leave the refrigerator). I want to order the same receipt following yours… But I am afraid that the fat bomb will melt after I take them out of home…

  4. Yay, 2 videos from you today, one from Goodybeats and videos from my favourite gamer! I'm really into watching him play Detroit, Becoming Human. A good day for videos! On another note, spookily, i also bought the milk frother today but from the UK Amazon! Your peachy eyeshadow is gorgeous!!!!

  5. Awesome video from a awesome, genuine person!!! Those fat bombs looked delicious.I make my kids cream cheese , peanut butter fat bombs with crushed macadamia nuts in them. Truly delicious!!!! Take care of yourself Kat You're a special person.

  6. Its thru IHerb that was able to get Man Sports products here in Australia…..and I am about to place an order with Iherb for some ghee for my Bulletproof coffee. Also to my bulletproof coffee I add a serving of Collagen powder. Love watching your videos its helping me so much on my Keto journed

  7. I love it when you make fatbombs recipes! I made those jello heavy whipping cream gummies you posted a long time ago! Total hit to everyone at our keto 101 class tonight! Thank you for always being an inspiration!

  8. I just ordered that frother from your Amazon list! I have a Vitamix — which I LOVE — but sometimes having a quicker option would be nice. PLUS FOR TRAVEL! Also, have you tried ghee from Trader Joe's? The ghee you showed from 4th & Heart looked quite creamier, so I just wonder! I know Matt from KetoConnect loves that brand as well and I'm wondering if it's worth the higher price. Thanks for sharing!

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