Organic Protein Powder Keto Diet

Organic Protein Powder Keto Diet

Organic Protein Powder Keto Diet | Keto Smoothie with Jillian Michaels

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I’m back with Jillian Michaels to create this creamy chocolate keto smoothie recipe (that tastes just like a chocolate malt)! We explain how the almond milk, almond butter, coconut oil and keto protein powder provide nutrients and healthy fats perfect for the ketogenic diet.

Chocolate Keto Smoothie Recipe

Servings: 2

4–6 ice cubes
1 cup coconut or almond milk
1 tablespoon almond butter
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 scoop Keto PROTEIN Chocolate

1. Add all of the ingredients to a blender.
2. Blend until well-combined.

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25 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Keto Diet”

  1. This woman is a joke… Shame on Dr Alex having her in this video. She has not enough knowledge of a really healthy lifestyle.. no reputation anymore and never deserved. Silly dangerous influencer.

  2. This guy bashes people for eating a bunch of butter. Shames people for doing keto the "wrong" way. He then describes coconut oil as, "the ultimate food to have on a ketogenic diet," and goes on about how saturated fat is good. Dude, make up your mind.

  3. Love your video. Do you think that maybe she is using something called Tactical Stupidity to get a reaction from people or is she like a willfully ignorant person that does not want to change. You have some people out there today that are career architects that are very smart and use people like her for their agenda and not hers.

  4. Ha ha ha!! This girl just got busted! Apparently she supported keto when it wasn't a threat to her business. What a hypocrite! And an uninformed hypocrite at that considering the tripe she was spouting off in her video against keto!

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