Organic Protein Powder Kuwait

Organic Protein Powder Kuwait

Organic Protein Powder Kuwait | Review – Instant non-fat milk vs Nido powdered whole milk

This is a new product to me, though some of you may have seen it before. I think it will work well in my off grid situation and in my food storage pantry.

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29 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Kuwait”

  1. The thing with mixing Nido is you must introduce the powder to the warm water, unlike what you've done, you introduced the water to the powder… I know it sounds silly and the same but true.. it even says it on the can

  2. $17 for 3.3 gallons of milk that has more calories then the low fat instant milk, tastes better and makes better butter, is TOTALLY worth it for survival prepping. Those calories will be needed and the flavor will add comfort. That you for your review, you sold me! Wonder what the shelf life is.

  3. Kind of stupid to compare a whole dried milk to a nonfat instant milk. Gee, I wonder which one tastes better? But, when you are in a prepping situation, whats the economical way to store a Milk product? More bang for your buck? Yeah, you can make bread, biscuits, cornbread, gravy, and of course drink instant milk. for $14 you can stock 20 quarts of milk away. Sorry, you cant even come close to that with Nido. Comparing the obvious is like doing an experiment thats already been proven. I'll seal up and pack away 5 lbs of Instant Milk any day for $14. Bottom line. I will be baking while you are sitting on flour you cant use.

  4. Wish list update: the Mixing cups and measuring spoons should have been directly in front of the Box and large Can they were meant for to make it easier for us to keep track of the proportions. Thank you!

  5. I know you're off grid, but just fyi, Sams Club has this milk for $19.99 for a can of 4.85 lbs. For anyone else that is watching this video and is interested in buying this milk. I thought that was a pretty good deal. I am using mine for canning and prepping.

  6. Thanks, Ann, for this video. I was looking for an alternative to non-fat dry milk which I don't like. This looks interesting because I have a great-grandson (whose last name is Crum, by the way) and this seems more nutritious for babies and tastes better. Thanks for steering me in this direction. I enjoy all of your videos. Take care. Bunny in NWFL

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