Organic Protein Powder Lactose Free

Organic Protein Powder Lactose Free

Organic Protein Powder Lactose Free | Dairy vs Plant Based Protein Supplements

If you are truly trying to maximize your results, you should go for a more anabolic protein source like dairy that isn’t lacking in critical amino acids like lysine and methionine.
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  1. Hey jym is it normal to get mood swings from pre workout? I always just feel like more "uppity" when I take pre jym, I know some of that is do to the caffeine but i also usually feel more relaxed and happy after taking it every time. Do you know what would cause that? Thanks.

  2. The AHA states that "a vegetarian diet based on the AHA guidelines of 5 to 6 servings of whole grains and 5 or more servings of vegetables and fruit would, in fact, supply all of the amino acids necessary for health."

    They released this statement in response to an assertion from a renowned MD that "[I]t is impossible to design an amino acid-deficient diet based on the amounts of unprocessed starches and vegetables sufficient to meet the calorie needs of humans."

    If you don't eat dairy or meat at all, your protein quality is correlated strongly with the quantity and variety of plants you regularly eat, which anyone should be concerned about regardless of their stance on meat and dairy.

  3. Jim Stoppani, your claim @ 00:48 in general is correct but not entirely true. All Proteins are comparitively low in Amino Acid Methionine than other Amino Acids. Here are some specs(FACTS):.

    100gm Contains

    Whey, dry

    Methionine: 221mg Lysine: 1008mg

    Soy Protein Isolate
    Methionine: 1130mg Lysine: 5327mg

    Egg, whole, dried
    Methionine: 1477mg Lysine: 3402mg

    Soy protein concentrate
    Methionine: 814mg Lysine: 3928mg

    Seaweed, spirulina, dried
    Methionine: 1149mg Lysine: 3025mg

    Milk, dry

    Methionine: 907mg Lysine: 2868mg

    Chicken breast meat
    Methionine: 925mg Lysine: 2836mg

    Soy flour

    Methionine: 634mg Lysine: 3129mg

    Seeds, sesame flour, (Best Ratio)

    Methionine: 1656mg Lysine: 1608mg.

  4. hey jim ,is it fine if i have pro jym in low fat milk ? as far as i know i am not lactose intolerant i mean i don't feel gaseous or feel cramps in my stomach after having milk but a lot experts out there say its better to avoid milk , so im kinda confused . please help !

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