Organic Protein Powder Lead

Organic Protein Powder Lead

Organic Protein Powder Lead | Lead Contamination of Tea

At what level of tea consumption might the benefits of tea start to be countered by the risks of lead contamination for green, white, black, and oolong tea for children, pregnant women, and adults in general?

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This is one of the things that changed my daily diet. If you look at my smoothie recipe, for example (A Better Breakfast I’ve recommended throwing in tea leaves, and I’ve been a big fan of matcha (Is Matcha Good for You? I still enjoy doing both, but am now more careful where my tea is sourced. Note, as soon as I learned of this I made announcements on Facebook ( Twitter ( and Google+ ( to inform everyone before I even started making this video. So, if you closely follow my recommendations (which I elaborate on extensively in my new book How Not to Die please make sure to keep an eye on our social media where I can post things within minutes of learning about them.

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28 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Lead”

  1. I think you have some good points in here, and I do think it's good to be cautious of these things, but I want to challenge one particular idea you voice.

    I'm the editor of RateTea and have researched these topics a fair amount. I think you communicate some misconceptions in how you handle or discuss black tea vs. green and white tea. You say that young leaves are used to make green and white tea, and older leaves are used to make black tea. This is not true as a general rule. Green, white, and black tea differ by production, not portion of tips. The portion of tips / leaf buds and age of the leaves is a function of the tea's grade, or how "tippy" the tea is. There are tippy white teas (silver needle) and tippy black teas (high grades like FTGFOP1, Yunnan Pure Gold, etc) and there are white teas made of mature leaves (Shou Mei or Precious Eyebrows) as well as black teas (Lapsang Souchong, any generic low grades of black tea).

    Each type of tea, green tea, black, or white, is diverse, both in terms of the portion of tips, and other factors in production that would influence the risk of contamination by lead or other heavy metals. I would not conclude anything about the lead content of various types of tea unless you've actually studied or tested it, or found reliable studies that do this.

    There are some good reasons to prefer tippy teas…but…they also can be MUCH higher in caffeine, which is one reason that people sometimes want to avoid them.

  2. "the use of coal in china has increased to 3.8 billion tons or about 47% of global coal consumption" Which article is that from? -it's not in Tang et al 2008 (as per vid)

  3. I wouldn't ingest anything from Japan. China is pretty bad too. Stick to your own Country if it's safe. Better yet, if possible, grow your own food with non GMO seeds or go without. Stay away from seafood altogether.

  4. You'd think the entire population of England would be suffering from lead poisoning?
    This reference was from 2003 ..It's 2016{ Was this reference Study done (With a bias) by persons interested in promoting green tea? Were the samples taken selectively by the researchers,from the plants (next to the highways)or from samples picked from the growers/producers;As Premium Black teas are all produced from young buds.
    I'd have to see a second ,recent,unbiased,corroborating study before giving this any real credence.

    This is all based on brewed tea ,What about cold steeped tea (Steeping overnight in cold water) Is the Hot Brewing process required to release the lead?

    What about Assam- Black tea from India and  Ceylon Black tea from Sri Lank …No mention?(I want the Benefits of Tea and I don't like Green !) I guess I'll have to go with Assam and Ceylon Teas.

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