Organic Protein Powder Lead

Organic Protein Powder Lead

Organic Protein Powder Lead | WAKE and SHAKE? Slam a Protein Shake When You Wake for GAINS? | Tiger Fitness

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Will waking up to drink a protein shake lead to more gains and muscle growth due to keeping muscles fed?

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WAKE and SHAKE? Slam a Protein Shake When You Wake for GAINS? | Tiger Fitness

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14 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Lead”

  1. awesome video. any tips for someone nearing 40 with gastritis? lifting since high school football, with caffeine now being recommended to be removed from my diet any tips for moving forward? thanks
    Tony, a fellow elginite

  2. I took protein shakes in the middle of the night, bc i thought it was good. I thought protein at night would let me grow 1/100 more. But in retrospect it didnt. I got -20/100 maybe. Now i know that protein triggers insulin 1/3 of carbs, and when insulin is triggered you dont burn fat at all, and HGH takes care of your muscle. Dont drink a thing at night, fast through the night. Autophagy happens to, cell eating. Thats is when you fast for 16 hours. HGH always takes care of the muscle..

  3. What if we do a few day fast? Will not having a high protein kill my gains? I sleep 8 hours every night on a schedule and everyone tells me low protein is bad but I still gain like everyone else. What do you think?

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