Organic Protein Powder List

Organic Protein Powder List

Organic Protein Powder List | My SuperProtein Plus by Dr. Schulze – Organic Protein Powder

Dr. Schulze’s SuperProtein Plus is the cleanest, organic protein powder available. 100% plant-based, vegan, gluten-free. Buy it at No soy, sugar, dairy, chemicals or filler in your protein drink! 20 grams protein in every serving of this protein shake.

Dr. Schulze’s herbal products help you create powerful health and heal your ailments!

Each week Dr. Schulze gives you the BEST tips, information and education to Create Powerful Health at

Dr. Schulze also suggests that you view the entire video archive to further educate yourself on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine.

This will EMPOWER you to “take charge”, heal yourself and increase your resistance to doctors, drugs and hospitals.

If you are interested in his clinical herbal products and programs, go to American Botanical Pharmacy at or call 1-800-HERB-DOC (1-800-437-2362).


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