Organic Protein Powder Manufacturers Usa

Organic Protein Powder Manufacturers Usa

Organic Protein Powder Manufacturers Usa | Supplement Companies Ranked | Which are SHADY?!

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20 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Manufacturers Usa”

  1. Myprotein ist Not Just cheap in there prices , they have massive range of supplements and what i realy Like about them
    There are keep on developing all The time and offered already there bottling plant ( how , where The products geht's created )
    The only Thing i disagree is The flavours from The Impact whey , Not every flavour tasts good
    I had some Like Toffee pudding ( awful ) or stracciatella ( very freakin delicious)
    But i would let myself also getting sponsored by myprotein every time , every day

  2. As costumer im realy pissed Off , when The Label ist Not simular with The Produkt Inside
    Very sneaky and deceptive to people who give there hard earned Money away for holdless Things ( Cash cow )

  3. Some Brands Like bsn, Cellucor , dymatize, muscletech or weider are very famous but often Just clever Marketing to there supps
    They are not that great like there athletes Tell everybody

  4. I had The Optimum nutrition Gold Standard whey in strawberry flavour
    It was ok, Not realy great , The taste could be stronger and it's of course one of The Most expensive ones
    Impact whey in stracciatella, strawberry or blueberry was great and cost way much less than The Gold Standard whey
    I Don't realy find Out , what's exactely so Gold Standard on this whey ( i guess there ist more appereance than being )

  5. I'm actually very impressed by this video! Lovin' your no-bullshit approach. I'll definitely be buying from MyProtein with your code in the future! I've heard good things about their oats as well 🙂

  6. Just a comment to this video saying that all whey is the same.
    Can I just mention that whey protein can be derived from the source in different ways and there are better ways then others? Hence why some protein powders are more expensive because of the ways that the products are produced.

  7. Congrats! 🙂 My biggest thing when I buy protein powder is flavor. I won´t take it if it doesn't taste amazing. Price is also important but not as much as the flavor, I will buy an more expencive protein if it taste better. Also protein content and the qualaty AND me trusting in the company is imoortant as well. I live in Sweden so I buy most of my protein from Swedish brands that I really trust. 🙂

  8. Oh my god when you said you want to start eliminating more animal products I got goose bumps! Yas yas yaaaas 🙂 <3 I love your videos, your honesty, and your kindness and the fact that you're aware and open to veganism makes my heart happy

  9. I appreciate your honestly on everything you do. I've bought MyProtein in the past. Like various number of products from them in the past and every flavor I've tried was beyond awful. I agree MyProtein is cheap and extremely affordable especially in the supplement industry but they need to work on their flavoring. If I can't enjoy my protein or BCAA or creatine then I'm not taking it. Just my opinion though.

  10. I think all of these aspects are really important for protein powder! I have definitely always wondered why certain protein powders are labeled for women specifically. (especially recently with the rise of women's best..) It is good to know you agree that protein is protein regardless of your gender!! Congrats on partnering with myprotein Jordan!! <3 <3

  11. I love your videos! your so down to earth and honest…it feels like you don't really care about "hypes" which I love…BUT I must say that Myprotein always gave me HUGE stomach pains.. which other brands didn't..maybe my tummy doesn't like to much Protein LOL

  12. YAHSSS love this video! I love that you didn't just come out with a 'I'm with my protein now' video and really gave reasons why you support them other than 'oh it tastes good use my code for a discount' your statements are easy enough to fact check and I love numbers LOL

  13. Great job Jordan 😛 Congrats!

    I use My Protein for all the products that i can't get from Time 4 Nutrition (CreaPure creatine for example). When My Protein is on sale though the value is on point and anyone that makes chocolate orange flavoured anything is good in my book! 😉

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