Organic Protein Powder Manufacturers Usa

Organic Protein Powder Manufacturers Usa

Organic Protein Powder Manufacturers Usa | Joe Rogan On Vitamins And Supplements

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21 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Manufacturers Usa”

  1. His Orange juice analogy is exactly the same as eating Cheese. It takes 10 litres of full fat milk to make a 1kg cheese block. Some can eat half of that pretty easy as it's so moorish. that would be like drinking 5 litres of full fat milk in one sitting.

  2. I read through some of those online scientific papers on the immune system. They said that the primary energy source of the autoimmune system is glycogen (glucose stored in the muscles and liver). Not Vitamin C as the advertisers would have you believe.

  3. here is what i experienced and understood. i listened, i researched, i had lots of conversations. being a vegan is not a healthy option, you dont give your body enough material to rebuild its self. all vegans are skinny, thin boned and weak. sardines, all types of liver, almonds, cod fish liver oil, coconut milk, a few examples of nutrient dense foods. why just eat a few vegetables when your body needs so much more?????

  4. Love to listen to the guy and his oppinions, but I hope not too many people listen to his nutritional advice. Especially the Omega from fish oil bit. I don't know about vegans, but the average citizen should have enough. You'll just ruin your balance if you supplement it on top.

  5. Glucosamine does scientific evidence to back it up whatsoever…that is what happens when an unqualified person goes on youtube giving advice…some of it might be true…some of it is bullshit…. and the way he just dismisses stuff or promotes stuff as if he is some kind of authority on it. Generally his videos are quiet entertaining but Joe stick within your realm…

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