Organic Protein Powder Meijer

Organic Protein Powder Meijer

Organic Protein Powder Meijer | Grocery Haul | Some Meal Prepping

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  1. Just found your channel the other day and it's awesome! Love your positive vibes and content. Congrats on your new healthy lifestyle and thank you for continuing to support others who need all the help they can get, aka me!

  2. This рrоoooduct is аmazing!!!! it really wоrked I have lost 8 роunds in 3 wеeks, but keepp in mind thаt I workout 5 daуs and lift weights аnd cаrdio 30min аlsо I сhangе the wаy I еаt аnd this рill just cut my aрpеtitе sо far I lovе it >==>>

  3. Hi gracie! I follow u on IG which led me here. love your videos so far! friendly bit of advice you, should make your own balsamic vinaigrette, so much healthier and yummier for your body, and sooo easy to make! keep up the good work, you truly are an inspiration! blessings! ❤

  4. My journey started April 15, 2016, my starting weight was 332, today is June 21, 2016, and my current weight is 299, I have a long way to go, but I'm asking for everyone's support to keep me on track, any information I can get to help me will be appreciated. Thanks, Joe. Stay EPIC = EVERY POUND I CONTROL!

  5. I just recently found your channel and love your videos! You're so inspiring! Thanks for putting positive stuff out into the YouTube word. And I just have to say that you and your husband are just too cute!

  6. Hey Gracie. I have just discovered your channel. You keep me motivated. I have lost 50lbs. since Feb. 2015 and still have some to go. Anyways in one of your videos you got some vanilla cake batter protein powder and really liked it. Could you please tell me the brand you got. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  7. Do you prep both lunch and dinner or just lunch? Im the cook of the house and sometimes dinner isnt great(as they arent trying to be healthy). So i try and make myself different but always wonder what everyone else does

  8. How many carbs are you guys eating? I need to lower my carbs because of diabetes. I'm biking 11-12 miles a day(not bad) and my goal is to do it twice a day, go for a walk with the kids, swimming(just got a pool yesterday!), and to do the elliptical(once I get a power cord for it and hopefully I can do it while the kids are still sleeping) id like to lose 80-85lbs. I've already lost 72lbs which is good but not good enough. My kids are 13 months apart.

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