Organic Protein Powder Meijer

Organic Protein Powder Meijer

Organic Protein Powder Meijer | BoxMac 105: Deluxes We’re Pretty Sure We Haven’t Tried

Frankie and Junt are PRETTY sure they haven’t had these Market Pantry, Hy-vee, Everyday Essentials, or Great Value Reduced Fat deluxes before…PRETTY sure…


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26 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Meijer”

  1. When I get a podcast going I'm just going to tell everyone they should be watching this instead. I laughed pretty hard several times… thanks for the entertainment!

  2. Anyone else a bit thrown by the close-up shot of cooked HyVee? Either Junt lives in the second circle of hell, or that footage was played backward. I can see myself becoming a bit obsessed by this and looking for it from now on.


    I've been gluten-free all my life due to gluten intolerance and as a result I often ended up trying constantly to find a passible one. I tried weird macs from Aldis, every mac from the Annie's entourage(which after trying the next mac I realised were abominations). A few weeks ago I tried Great Value Gluten Free Mac and it is the best Ive ever had.

    JUNT!FRANKIE! A word of warning if you do review this mac use about 2.5 tablespoons of butter and a teaspoon of milk if any. Otherwise it does not end well. trust me.

    I think it'd be interesting because all the gfree macs you guys have tried have been bad or just meh. I dont expect this one to blow you guys away either it's just I thought I tell you guys about it.

    I WOULD send you a box but unfortunately I do not currently have the means to do so. But Walmart tends to stock alot of the same products and I have seen it some Walmarts in every north eastern state except New Hampshire and Rhode Island(Only Cuz I've never been) So if you get a chance give it a shot you never know Wally World has surprised Junt in the past for better and for

  4. I've been forced to watch American Idol this year – and it makes me so sad that they top 24 are all talented enough that they SHOULD have successful careers – but we probably won't see them again.

    Every-time they bring in singers from previous seasons to cameo it's "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU???"

    And it makes me upset.

  5. I mostly know John Lovitz from the movie Rat Race. And also, I tweeted a mac at you guys that I'm not sure you've tried. If not, it would have been great for this episode. If you haven't had it maybe I can buy it and send it to you guys!

  6. You guys have great singing voices (seriously). Have you ever thought of writing and starring in : Box Mac : The Musical? Also, regarding improvised lyrics to existing, practically inaudible songs, there's another way of hearing other lyrics versus the original, aka Mondegreens. Classic example: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles. The original line says ''A girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes'' but some may hear ''A girl with Colitis goes by''.

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