Organic Protein Powder Melbourne

Organic Protein Powder Melbourne

Organic Protein Powder Melbourne | TAO NUTRITION vegan protein with herbs super foods for athletes

To read more about the protein powder and to get it go to their website 10 % off Promo Code: ‘ali’
For more info go to their website
some cool points about the protein powder:
Tao Nutrition is an award winning and internationally acclaimed, 100% Natural and Vegan Protein Powder. Nutrient Rich Superfoods boost your health through a unique recipe that no one else on the market can match. Made from Natural and Organic Ingredients, you can make smoothies, shakes, protein balls, put it on your cereal – and bake with it too! I LOVE it!
A healthy and convenient protein source
Palm Oil Free- ethically produced
Nutrient rich superfoods you don’t get with any other products
Taste’s natural – tastes great.
Won’t cause bloating
No chemicals! No dairy /No whey / No sugar /No gluten / No preservatives
Australian Company


3 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Melbourne”

  1. I just placed my order to try the chocolate. Thanks for the explanation on the pricing, Tao Nutrition.
    I've been looking for a vegan product like this and am looking forward to receiving it!

  2. Hello Ali, looking at there website, if you purchase it directly it costs $22 just to ship 1st item to the US. Do you know of any websites/stores in the US that sell this brand? Most all of the sites I order vegan products from in the US have free shipping, hopefully someone here sells it. Thanks

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