Organic Protein Powder No Carbs

Organic Protein Powder No Carbs

Organic Protein Powder No Carbs | 3 Ingredient Protein Waffles: ONLY 1 GRAM OF CARBS!

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Many have tried to find this online with no luck. Unfortunately, I cannot make it available because it was given to me by the agreement mentioned above.

These protein waffles are AMAZING! virtually NO carb. Only 1 gram of carb and these things taste great!


20 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder No Carbs”

  1. i've tried shit with proteins before and it's always like a freaking sponge.. sooooo I'm gonna give this ONE LAST go with a different brand of protein powder hehe.. maybe that is the key! I hope so

  2. I just tried to make this – and it was horrible I was like this is just an egg. I used another type of protein powder.

    So if you are too. this is what I made sure to do to fix my mistake.

    1) spray the waffle maker even if it is nonstick. The browning that appears to be waffle-like has a lot to do with spraying the pan or it will be yellow…

    2) Let the mixture sit a little – like make it first then warm up the waffle maker. i think the baking powder needs a moment to figure its life out.

  3. Just tried, they came out great/didnt stick (used a little cooking spray) They don't taste that good though. And for real, dont overcook them! Taste like carbord, like almost for real.

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