Organic Protein Powder No Stevia

Organic Protein Powder No Stevia

Organic Protein Powder No Stevia | How to Bake With Stevia Instead of Sugar

How to Bake With Stevia Instead of Sugar. Part of the series: Healthy Foods & Nutrition. Baking with Stevia instead of sugar is an excellent way to cut down on calories. Bake with Stevia instead of sugar with help from an award-winning, 18-year-veteran food expert in this free video clip. Read more:


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  1. It would have helped a lot to see the finished results. Also, a 1:2 stevia to sugar ratio is way too high. I have the world's biggest sweet tooth, and even I'd use may 1/3 cup stevia to 1 cup sugar. And, how does that change affect baking and especially browning?

  2. I would like to have seen the appearance and texture of the cake when it was done baking. This was not helpful in learning how Stevia reacts to heat and other ingredients. Can you detect anything, "taste-wise" in the finished product?? In other words, would I be hard-pressed to tell the difference between two of the same items baked with regular sugar and Stevia? I plan on doing a lot of baking for the holidays and I'd like my family to NOT be able to taste a difference.

  3. It's not ST-EH-VEE-UH, thats not how this works. It's an english translation of an African word for "Sweet Leaf" it is literally pronounced STEE-VEE-UH in the English language. It is not the same thing.
    Also Stevia (Stee-vee-uh), is an EXTRACT it is not a finely ground powder, it is like that once the alcohol base dries after a tincture extraction, such as ERYTHRITOL (ERR-RITH-RIH-TAWL). which is a no glycemic alcohol sugar.
    Now, thank you for this video as i needed the information, but you are very uneducated and you speak as if you think you know it all. It's pompous, and you won't become a very popular video blogger talking down to your viewers like that

  4. This is not helpful. We know how to pour something into a bowl. We need accurate ratios of sugar to stevia and perhaps an explanation of why you used apple cider vinegar. It’s not clear if that is just whatever you’re making or suggested when baking with stevia.

  5. Stevia is green.
    The white stuff is about ten times stronger than the stuff you make yourself. White processed stevia has health risks that homemade stevia doesn't have.

    Processed stevia is probably better than cane sugar & corn syrup. But why waste your time with it when making your own stevia is so easy?

  6. No it does not look just like sugar , it is naturally green when the leaves are ground into powder because the leaves are green. If you are buying something called stevia that looks like sugar , it is not natural. I don't know what they do to it to make it white, maybe bleach it, who knows..

  7. A cup of stevia could be very sweet depending on which type of stevia you get!Liquid, extract powder or what you get in those little sachets.This is a video just to tell you to experiment. Not very useful.

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