Organic Protein Powder No Sugar

Organic Protein Powder No Sugar

Organic Protein Powder No Sugar | Action Whey Organic Protein Shakes Emerald Express International

Only Action Whey™ from Emerald Express International delivers all the promises made by inferior commercial whey protein shakes, plus more.
Action Whey protein shake is the only whey on the market has been able to achieve a 65% protein blend with 100% natural and organic ingredients, cold- processed whey from grass fed cows, an incredibly low price, and a taste that will leave you speechless.

You’ll swear you’re drinking a malt shop milkshake!

They Said It Couldn’t Be Done:

* 65% Whey Protein By Weight!
* Smooth, Creamy, and Deliciously Sweet with no After-Taste.
* Naturally Sweetened – No Sugar Added
* No Artificial Sweeteners, No Sugar Alcohol, and No Fructose.
* Low-Glycemic, Low-Carb, and Diabetic Friendly.
* No Pesticides, Hormones, Chemicals, or GMO Ingredients.
* Made Only with Whey from Grass-Fed Cows for Maximum Nutrition.
* No Damaged Proteins (Non-Denatured) – Cold Processed from Raw Milk.
* Healthy Co-Factors from Nutrient-Rich Coconut Oil.
* 100% Natural with Nothing Artificial or Synthetic.

And Yet, It’s Convenient and Affordable for any Lifestyle.


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