Organic Protein Powder Non Gmo

Organic Protein Powder Non Gmo

Organic Protein Powder Non Gmo | Save money with this Protein Powder

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A few weeks ago I reviewed Sun Warrior’s protein powder on Smoothie Saturdays:

after being asked for recommendations

for good protein powders.

I was so impressed with Sun Warrior’s protein powder because it was organic, non-gmo, it and it was hypo allergenic with its super short ingredient list. The drawback to this protein powder is that it was $53.99 for 1kg (at my local health food store)

This weekend when I went to my health food store I came across Heartland Brown Rice Protein. This product was significantly less at $28.99 for 800 g. It has the exact same ingredient list: Organic Compliant, Sprouted, Non GMO, Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, Stevia Leaf and Natural Vanilla Flavour.

The scoop is the exact same size as well (20g) and gives you 16 g of protein (the exact same as Sun Warrior).

I just thought I would pass those savings on to you this week with Smoothie Saturday’s video 🙂


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