Organic Protein Powder Nutritional Information

Organic Protein Powder Nutritional Information

Organic Protein Powder Nutritional Information | The Deal with Protein

People like to say all kinds of things about protein – like, you need to eat lots of it to build muscle and lose weight. The truth is, the science of protein and how your body uses it is much more complicated than that.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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34 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Nutritional Information”

  1. > has a digestive disorder that prevents me from eating peanuts or beans
    > but I can digest meat and eggs (most of them anyway)
    > basically I cannot become vegan without running out of essential proteins. πŸ™

    I also have serious fatigue problems and a possibly malfunctioning metabolism, so who knows how many of these optional proteins are actually essential to me. I'm already getting amino-acid supplements from my doctor just in case lol

  2. You definitely need to damage the muscle tissue to build significant muscle mass. No bodybuilder in the entire world would say otherwise. Why would you say this is "not certain", that's just absurd

  3. I love these nutritional videos. Cutting through all the food/diet BS we wade through on a daily basis with real science. Please make one about cholesterol, since I've never really been able to figure it out; and another that looks at simple sugars in more detail. I get so sick about people going on about HFCS like it's poisonous evil Satan-juice, rather than just an inexpensive blend of normal common sugars.

  4. Athletes that workout 4-5 times a week with a variety of intensity need more protein than the average person. In fact it's often the case that athletes get less protein in their diet than what they need. Whey protein help serve this purpose, for athletes or individuals that exercise and have physically demanding jobs. It doesn't mean that an individual that is working out with the same frequency and intensity as an athlete doesn't need more protein as well. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is difficult in itself but with exercise even more challenging. More protein does not mean less fruits, vegetables, monounsaturated/polyunsaturated fat, and other vitamins and minerals. It's important to consult your doctor about working out and changing your diet. Athletes and individuals with physically demanding jobs even more. Be proactive about your diet learn about food labels, product claims, calculate your BMI and body fat. Don't get discouraged about the results! Take small steps to make healthy food choices eat lean meats, balance eating complex carbohydrates, try a various types of vegetables, and eat healthy fats. It's REALLY hard to maintain a healthy diet, it's hard for athletes too, remember that and don't give up.

  5. People I know who workout and take these protein supplements claim that it makes the protein available for your body to use.
    Explaining to them that your body already makes all the protein you eat available for use does no good the powder has magical properties that make it's special and I am the one that don't doesn't understand.

  6. So, if you get your RDA of every amino acid from your diet but don't actually eat any protein (which are just bundles of amino acids and nitrogen that we break down into their constituent amino acids) do you actually need protein? Probably a stupid question, but one I've always wondered and never could find the answer too.

  7. forgive me if you've made a video on it, but could you explain ketosis? I've heard a ton about it and understand the basics but not the science. thank you, I really enjoy this channel:)

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