Organic Protein Powder Peanut Butter

Organic Protein Powder Peanut Butter

Organic Protein Powder Peanut Butter | PB fit Powdered Peanut Butter Review and Taste Test

In this quick review I share my thoughts about PBfit (PB fit?) Peanut Butter Powder from betterbody foods. I bought this fat-free peanut paste mix at my local SAMs Club discount warehouse. It mixes up quick and easy, but really doesn’t come close to true peanut butter flavor. It’s probably much better for your health, and it isn’t terrible – just not great. I’d say that if you are on a diet, and are just dying to have some peanut flavor in your snacks or meals, this is a good product – but it’s not going to stack up with real commercial brands.


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  1. Disagree with this review but that’s just MY preference. I far prefer PB Fit as it’s 90% less fat content and therefore not cloying like most peanut butters, has no artificial additives (unlike this man’s favourite) no oil, especially good when you consider that 90%+ regular peanut butters contain the disputable palm oil which is causing huge swathes of deforestation in the rainforest and in Borneo particularly where indigenous trees are being razed to the ground so this palm oil can be grown – causing devastation to local wildlife, especially Orangutans. It’s a double thumbs up for my waistline and my morals and ethics. I love it and bake with it, make smoothies, create treats like brownies and homemade flapjack type protein bars. Also makes a fantastic peanut butter cheesecake with much less guilt. I also love the chocolate and strawberry flavours which again, are all natural.

  2. It seems weird to remove all the oil and you replace it with water.note: To make it taste more like JIF add icing much does it make total? What are the savings vrs jars of pb? Rape seed is canola. The other oils in JIF are there because the company has removed all the expensive peanut oil and replaced it with cheap toxic oils ( google rape seed toxic). Last try to mix it with peanut oil and icing sugar and a pinch of salt, leave alone for 24 hours and re-review. Thanks for your hard work. your pal Scott.

  3. Are there other dehydrated PB products on the market? I tasted a mix of some type of product like this at a health meeting that a member brought for us to taste. It didn't taste like anything I'd use to substitute for PB. Maybe it would be OK in a recipe like smoothie or power bar. I did find a power bar recipe with this as an ingredient. So, I may try it if it's nutritious. But I can't find any information about how it's made. Most products that are processed, at best, lack nutritional value; at worst, they create a health risk. Remember margarine and decaf?

  4. I HIGHLY Recommend the PBFIT!!! To lose weight & Build Solid Muscle, I Mush a 1/2 banana into a cup, and then I pour "Premier Protein" into a Plastic Cup add in 2-Table Spoons of PBFIT and 1-Scoop of Ground Flax Seed, and then I stir it with a spoon and DRINK…. It Tastes Delicious! I do this twice a day, this is my Breakfast meal after my Cardio and in the evening it is my POST ameal after lifting weights. Trust me, PBFIT is Wonderful, try this meal, Peanut Butter= Omega 6, Flax Seed (ground)= Omage 3 & fiber, Banana= Potassium, and the Premier Protein=GREAT PROTEIN…. I LOVE THIS VIDEO, made me hungry

  5. Hey, Tony:

    Here are the INGREDIENTS of the two most popular peanut butters (by units sold) in the USA:

    – Peanuts
    – Sugar
    – Molasses
    – Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils
    – Mono-glyceride & Di-glyceride
    – Salt (Sodium 125mg)

    – Peanuts
    – Sugar
    – Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils
    – Salt (Sodium 150mg)

    I really believe that most people like Jif or Skippy peanut butters because both are “sweet” tasting (due to the high sugar content). Let’s face it — even “pure” peanut butter is not a “health” food. But, the copious amounts of sugar added to products like Jif or Skippy simply does not make good health sense. From my viewpoint, products like Jif or Skippy are not truly "peanut butter," they are more like "peanut spreads."

    Here are the INGREDIENTS of two healthier alternatives:

    ADAMS PEANUT BUTTER (Smooth – unsalted)
    – Peanuts (Sodium 0mg)

    Although the “unsalted” version is difficult to find in certain geographical areas, most Walmarts sell the “salted” version of Adams peanut butter at a reasonable price. Bottom line, this is a jar of ground peanuts — that's all — no additives.

    TRADER JOE’S PEANUT BUTTER (Smooth – unsalted)
    – Dry Roasted Peanuts (Sodium 0mg)

    This product is somewhat similar to Adams, but instead of using oil-roasted peanuts, TJ's uses dry-roasted peanuts. I think there is a Trader Joe’s in Asheville. If you’ve never been to a TJ’s, Tony, get ready for an immediate shopping addiction.

    For years I’ve used TJ’s “regular” peanut butter (unsalted), and I find it very satisfying. However, over the past months, I've switched to TJ’s “organic” peanut butter, because it uses “Valencia” peanuts instead of “Virginia” type peanuts. I find Valencia (Spanish) peanuts a little sweeter and little nuttier than Virginia-type goobers. However, for people trying to kick-the-habit of sugar-ladened products like Jif or Skippy — I recommend transitioning with TJ’s “regular” (with salt) peanut butter.


    Yes, both TJ’s and Adams peanut butters REQUIRE the one-time chore of “stirring” to homogenize the solids and liquids (that’s because they don’t contain man-altered “additives” like hydrogenated vegetable oils).Tip: After thoroughly stirring, just place the jar in the fridge, and the product will not re-separate.

    All things notwithstanding, a tasty PB sandwich is one of the original “comfort and convenience foods.” It is also a "safety" food, because, unlike tuna or chicken salad sandwiches — nobody ever got sick eating a PB&J sandwich at a picnic on a hot August day.

    Just one other thing, Tony: If you like the taste and texture of whole wheat tortillas vs. two slices of whole wheat bread — great. But, if you are using the whole wheat tortilla in lieu of whole wheat bread for dietary purposes — nutritionists give the “healthier” nod to whole wheat bread, because two slices of WWB generally have fewer calories, less sodium and fewer saturated fats.

    I hope you don’t mind a little feedback from a subscriber who battles day-by-day and hour-by-hour with irreversible weight-related health issues.

    With kind regards,

    Phoenix, Arizona

  6. @tonyleeglenn go buy some peanut oil, add it to the mix with a small "pinch" of salt only to bring up the peanut flavor, not make it salty, and it'll most likely bring that flavor test up a few numbers.

  7. 'Had to laugh when I saw the jar of Jif. My dad loves peanut butter but insists on Jif creamy and nothing else! Thanks for sharing. Thinking I might try this in smoothies as a protein powder alternative.

  8. I would be more interested in using the PB Fit as an ingredient in recipes as opposed to just eating it on it's own. You could have some significant calorie savings by using it to make peanut butter cookies, thai peanut sauce or a peanut butter flavored protein shake.

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