Organic Protein Powder Philippines

Organic Protein Powder Philippines

Organic Protein Powder Philippines | MUST-HAVE SPICES FOR VEGAN COOKING | an inside look at my spice cabinet


In today’s video, I’m taking you inside my spice cabinet and sharing my top 10 must-have spices for vegan cooking! These are the spices I use most in my own cooking for increasing flavor!


– Simply Organic:
– Cinnamon:
– Garlic Powder:
– Turmeric:
– Chili Powder:
– Italian Seasoning:
– Cumin:
– Cayenne:
– Smoked Paprika:
– Nutmeg:
– Curry Powder:






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Disclaimer: I partnered with Simply Organic on today’s video. I was compensated to create the recipes, but as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting me and the companies that make this channel possible!


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  1. Don't waste your money, go to an Asian Grocery store and buy whole spices, you can grind or crush as needed, they are a quarter of the price and whole spices have 5 times the shelf life.

  2. I tried simple organic, it's good but it cant compare to when I go to the food market with stalls offering everything and anything (sometimes you discover something new you have never seen before) and handpick eveything myself there. Are you using Cassia or Ceylon Cinnamon? (Cassia is unhealthy on a daily basis which is the most common one sold).Also the Italian Spice blend is missing one herb.. like most italian herb mixes in store. Cayenne isn't a pepper (it's cayenne chilli pepper powder). If you are working with nutmeg you need to be careful because when you use to much (whole nutmeg) it can have hallugenic effects close to Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushrooms; also Galanga Roots, Thai-Horseraddish, in high amounts have this effect. Nutmeg trips can last for 2-3 days and after effects drag on for about 1 1/2 weeks) so be careful and DON'T USE TOO MUCH NUTMEG!
    I'd also recommend you to add All Spice (its a berry that contains all 5 main flavours we know in our western world, while in japan you have a 6th taste, Umami = translates to delicious – which is a combination of all 5, so it is a umami powerhouse also its used a lot in Traditional Chinese Medicine Cusine), Juniper Berries (healthy for bladder, stomach and intestine), Brazilian Rose Pepper (bitter, sweet, slightly acidic notes), Sechzuan Pepper (Hot and fresh cirtus notes), Cloves (similar taste but healthier than Cassia Cinnamon), Green and Black Cardamom (good for digestive problems, respiratory diseases, bad breath, lack of apetite and depression) , Star Anis (good against Flu, head- and muscle ache), Coriander Seeds (good for stomach, intestine, antibiotic immune infections, and chronic inflammations), Fennel Seeds (good for flatulence, diarrhea), Poppy Seeds (Papaver Rhoeas Petal tea has a stress relieving effect), black and white sesame seeds, Saffron (Depression and Menstrual Stress and Pain), Holy – or Indian Basil, Perilla (antihistamin, antioxidant, inflammation), Rose Petals from the strain Rosella (sweet, fresh taste), blue hibiscus petals, Nutmeg King Mace (Petals, not halugenic even in powdered form), Ginger, Habanero Flakes, Lemongrass, Lemon and Orange Cest and various mushrooms (e.g.: Mu Err, Shitake, Boletus, Brown/White Button Mushrooms, Egg Mushrooms, Morels and Chanterelles). Homegrow Bell Peppers! (The have more Vitamin C than lemons!)
    I also recommend you to not have everything in just powdered form unless you like glutamic acid a lot, rather get the ingredients chopped and dried and just use a blender or grinder bowl if you need them in powder form cause its not that good cause then falvours sometimes have the same inesity in a dish which you surely not want. Also glutamic Acid intenisfies the falvour of spices and changes the strenght of their original taste to a maximum.

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  4. This is my favorite spices brand, it has real aroma, love them specially curry powder, black pepper, garlic pepper, turmeric powder etc. Today i did find the cumin powder in the grocery!

  5. Alyssa, please consider other subscribers who live outside of the USA. Every time we visit a recommended website from you for an organic company who sells amazing products, it is always only within the U.S, its really frustrating, consider about others

  6. Nice choices – my list would be (most liked/used to least):

    Chili flakes
    (Salt – I know it's not technically considered a spice. But I love it)
    Fresh garlic
    Coriander kernels
    Whole cumin
    Smoked paprika
    Black pepper
    Freshly ground nutmeg (In my family we use it on leafy green vegetables – great!)
    Whole cardamom (great in combination with vanilla and saffron in oats, semolina pudding or something like that)
    Ground cinnamon

  7. There is a big difference between cassia cinnamon and ceylon cinnamon. If you are going to consume cinnamon everyday, since it has so many health benefits, then you need to consume ceylon cinnamon. Cassia should not be consumed on a daily basis. Also, you should take notice of the incredible ORAC scores of some of these spices. Cloves have one of the highest scores.

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