Organic Protein Powder Philippines

Organic Protein Powder Philippines

Organic Protein Powder Philippines | What I Eat for Hormonal Imbalance (PCOS)

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Hi there! My name is Michelle. I’m from California but I’m currently based in Korea for college. On my channel you’ll see videos about Korean beauty, skincare routines, vlogs, challenges, get ready with me, Q&A’s, and etc. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

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13 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Philippines”

  1. Thanks for the video. I'd like to see a way we can get nutritious, helpful foods without all the plastic packaging – harmful for our bodies and oceans! Here in Montreal I buy all fruits and veggies plastic free and buy all my grains / nuts in bulk in reusable jars and containers.

  2. i already know about all of these things: what i'm supposed to eat and what i'm not supposed to eat, but i just realised that my problem isn't not knowing, but it's not being able to control myself. i just can't stop eating sweets (and i can't stop my mother from buying all those sweets and processed foods)

  3. Wait, after doing all that stuff your hormones regulate, right? So that's why my personality has changed so much lately? I used to be very "masculine".

  4. Okay, I have a few things to add to this. If you have pcos, you definitely have to have yourself tested for insulin resistance because if you have pcos, you probably have IR too. In fact many doctors state that insulin resistance is the main cause of pcos therefore you can normalize your hormone imbalance with a healthy diet and exercise and by healthy diet I mean you have to keep your blood glucose level as even as possible through the day to prevent your IR (and pcos with it) turn into diabetes and severely messed up hormones. I don'r know what doctors prescribe in other countries but in Hungary you have to keep the 160 gr carbohydrate diet which can be personalised of course for your needs but the main principle of this that you can eat limited carbohydrate in smaller portions (5-6 meals a day) with 2-4 hours between them. Also you can mainly eat "slow" carbohydrate that increase your blood glucose level moderately, so you will produce less insulin and this helps you keep your blood glucose level nd insulin even. Now, you react to carbohydrate the worse in the morning and in the evening, so a smoothie is the worst you can have for breakfast and is actually not ideal at all with having IR because it's a liquid, so it increases your blood sugar level super fast and then it drops super fast, so be careful. IR diet is basically a healthy diet, yes, but you also have to keep an eye on these things too.

  5. Thanks for the video! Quick question, random, but how long can you store a smoothie in the fridge? With things like macca and cinnamon mixed into it, if I made a big batch at the start of the week I believe I'd be more likely to drink it rather than make one daily. Thanks

  6. I have pcos too they also prescribed bt its like depending on the medicine is not good.. its better to yah right eat healthy foods and do exercise.. if u maintain ur weight u will have menses every month so u dont need pills anymore.. and of course always go annually for check ups.. pills can help in acne some pills help u to less pimples or even remove pimples and have good glowing skin bt kinda expensive bt effective.. bt some side effects of pills some got bigger boobs, some got headache and some gain weight … manu gays also use pills coz it makes them have boobs and glowing skin..

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