Organic Protein Powder Pregnancy

Organic Protein Powder Pregnancy

Organic Protein Powder Pregnancy | 10 PROTEIN Rich Foods That Are Very IMPORTANT Nutrients for PREGNANT Women~!

10 Protein Rich Foods That Are Very Important Nutrients for Pregnant Women.

The recommended amount of protein is about 75 grams (or 3 servings).

So, Make Sure Choose To Eat Healthier Protein Based Foods Especially For Pregnancy.

Chicken breast & Cooked Eggs great source of rich protein.

cooked lean beef or lamb can provide you with proteins.

Seafood is also very rich in protein especially fish..

Dairy milk, soy milk, yogurt and parmesan cheese.

Soybeans foods such as tempeh, tofu and edamame gives you rich protein from 20 to 30g of protein.

Mix Nuts gives you protein from 4g to 7g.

Snack of pumpkin, sunflower, even chia seed, flaxseed &sesame seeds packs you with protein too.

Grains such as whole oats, amaranth, spelt, quinoa, or rice can supply from 6g to 11g of protein.


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