Organic Protein Powder Pregnancy

Organic Protein Powder Pregnancy

Organic Protein Powder Pregnancy | The 4 MUST HAVE supplements DURING and BEFORE pregnancy!

Dr. Gelman shares with you her top 4 MUST HAVE supplements for optimal pregnancy! To ensure the healthiest baby you can, best to start taking these supplements at least 90 days before conception!! Your baby will thank you 🙂

Please share this video as I am committed to a healthy generation of children and it starts with prevention!

All the best,
Dr. Gelman


24 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Pregnancy”

  1. Most prenatal vitamins are full of synthetic vitamins that are not properly absorbed. You should be getting your vitamins and minerals from real foods, like liver, egg yolks, cod liver oil, and healthy fats and animal products. Also, you should not just take vit D by itself. Vit A and Vit D belong together. Problems can arise when you have too much of one, and not enough of the other.

  2. Hey .. she is a dr .. she needs to see u to understand u one on one .. having a reputation .. she can't just shoot from the hips wif the many questions .. even dr berg doesn't ans too many questions .. one on one consultation is much better ..

  3. I've been told that vitamin D is too big a molecule to pass through breast milk and that babies need to supplement vitamin D because they don't get any from the breast milk. Is this true?

  4. My spouse and I tried out the “insubject:fanvuko” (Google it) when we decided to get one more child. Please visit Google to understand why this method is changing so many lives. I was able to attain pregnancy after three months of following the plan and eating healthy foods. Although I am older, I was still able to improve my life style using this formula.

  5. After trying to conceive for 3 months, I resolved that I need to try something new. Fortunately, I tried the "wucu shocking plan” (Google it) The plan is awesome at helping you study your periods and symptoms to detect your body`s imbalances. I’ve insisted my buddies to consider trying this plan. Learn much about it from Google.

  6. hello , i was taking accutaane for one month and a half and i have been off of it. how long more should i be waiting to have a 100 percent healthy pregnancy. i have heard any where  from 1 month to 6 months . its a big desicion of my life and i dont want to anything to go wrong 
    thanks in advance

  7. I'm taking cod liver oil. I know it contains vitamins D and A, but it contains DHA as well, correct? My prenatal has 1000 IUE's of D3. Since I'm taking two tsp of the cod liver oil, do I really still need to take a D supplement?

  8. Two things; I would like to recommend for you to look into:
    1- the book Killer fish
    2- Lifemax Mila for omega 3's
    I would really be interested in your thoughts!

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