Organic Protein Powder Private Label

Organic Protein Powder Private Label

Organic Protein Powder Private Label | The Supplement Business – Starting My Own Line of Clean, Organic, Non GMO Supplements

Cochise speaks about his newest project. Starting his own brand of Herbal, Non GMO, Organic clean supplements. The market is full of vitamins and supplements that contain additives, fillers and other inorganic substances that are detriments to the body


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  1. so how did you get a partner to do this? i am happy for you and certainly glad because this is a big issue. quality goes out the window for profit. thank you and blessings. we need to stick together.

  2. like folic acid as opposed to folate….I'm excited that you're breaking into this market. Can't wait to help support. I'm looking for something to stabilize my mood and boost mental energy.

  3. If fb had a "love" button rather than a "like" button, I would have hit it! U must, must, must put the name "Cochise" or a pic of u on ur packaging. Today's marketing want 2 see things, people like everyday people. It makes it more relatable. (Oprah started like that.) Ur face/Name will always b associated w/ good health, knowledge/intelligence. Start on bottom of hierarchy so that something is developed 2 give majority "energy/motivation in able 2 get 2 next level. I've watched ur videos, read ur book, & now wear ur t-shirt, & will support u even more w/ ur line of nutrients. ( vitamin D w/ calcium, & I just heard about jj smith & her green smoothie drinks & every1 ' s been jumping on that & losing weight! @ gyms people set up tables w/ whatever health item they're selling. People can sell ur stuff like their doing Tupperware parties, etc. U have my full support cuz nutrients r what I luv best & I trust u more!!! Whooo!! Hooo!!!

  4. Awesome! Keep up the great work. I would definitely say something that can tackle the issue of iron deficiency (a lot of women in particular struggle with this), digestive aids, and women's reproductive health (menstrual relief).

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