Organic Protein Powder Private Label

Organic Protein Powder Private Label

Organic Protein Powder Private Label | Save Big Money by Making Your Own Supplements – DIY Vitamins for Off Grid Living

You can make your own high quality supplements and vitamins for just pennies. There can be a huge mark up on your favorite supplements and people don’t realize how inexpensive it is to make yourself. In this video I take you step by step on how to make your own turmeric root powder & black pepper supplements. This is a great skill to learn for off grid living.

This is a link to the Herb Affair vegetable capsules size 0, used in the video.

This is the link to the Herb Affair organic turmeric root powder I used in the video.

Here is a link to “The Capsule Machine”

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9 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Private Label”

  1. Show how to make a vitamin K pill. I have to take vitamin K because my blood dose not produce enough. So I take a pill that cost way to much because of the drug price gouging.

  2. The capsule shell can be made from agar-agar on our equipment. We offer equipment and technology for a profitable business – the production of vegetarian capsules with an agar-agar shell and a filler made from different vegetable oils and animal fats. The percentage of profits received is up to 300%.

  3. Any recommended places to get herb and vitamin and mineral powders. Powder city seemed awesome but they closed. I see bulk supplements on Amazon but is there any place with better deals or are they the best?

  4. Why didn't you weigh out the turmeric before you started scooping it onto the table because you lost a grip and made a messy video. If you're really trying to save money by making your own vitamins you should really invest a scale and weigh out your product before you start scooping it up – just my thought

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