Organic Protein Powder Probiotics

Organic Protein Powder Probiotics

Organic Protein Powder Probiotics | Healthy Probiotic Smoothie Recipe | Boost Your Green Smoothie with GoodBelly

Ok, guys. You’ve seen me make my favorite green smoothie before. But today I’m shaking it up because a lot of you have asked for a probiotic smoothie recipe, and I have just found the PERFECT ingredient. GoodBelly Probiotics offers an amazing range of probiotic supplements; From juices to shakes to supplements to shots (which we’re using today). Remember: The best time to take your probiotic is either 30 minutes before you eat, or WHILE you’re eating (which is why I love this smoothie recipe)!

Before we dive into the ingredients, I have to tell you about the GoodBelly 12-Day Belly Reboot, because I’m SO onboard with this program. All you do is visit and sign up to get your coupon (you’re going to get 4-days with of product FOR FREE). The challenge is just to drink one shot of GoodBelly each day for 12 days, and enjoy the results! And, in GoodBelly’s words: “Love it by Day 12, or it’s free!”

12oz of power greens (I used a whole bag from Trader Joe’s)
about 1/4 c. of walnuts
1/2 c. mango
1/2 c. of pineapple
1 very ripe banana (the riper, the sweeter)
4 tbsp whole flax seeds (remember, this is enough for about 4 smoothies)
4 shots of GoodBelly
Coconut water or filtered water (enough to fill up to the top of your spinach)

Blend all together!

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9 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Probiotics”

  1. I have always taken the probiotics separately at least 10 minutes before eating so that the stomach doesn't register than as food along with your smoothie and start digesting some?

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