Organic Protein Powder Publix

Organic Protein Powder Publix

Organic Protein Powder Publix | Just 1 Glass Of Bone Broth A Day Can Change Your Life For Good

Bone broth Recipe:

By now, you’ve probably at least heard about the trendy hot beverage known as bone broth. Many health experts and fans of this near magical elixir have been singing its praises, but it’s actually been considered an excellent healer in numerous cultures for centuries.
Bone-broth is a versatile, rich source of nutrients, and it’s inexpensive too. If You’ve Never tried Bone-Broth, you should definitely give it a try to receive this amazing 6-benefits.

1.Bone-broth can help you look younger.
Who doesn’t want to look younger? Unless you’re very young already, you can probably use a boost of youthfulness, and thanks to the high content of collagen in bone-broth, it can help make your skin look younger, and improve the appearance of your hair and nails too. Collagen helps to form tissues in the skin that make it stronger and smoother. Scientific research has shown that a higher intake of collagen is linked to improved hydration and skin barrier functions, and a reduction in signs of aging like fine-lines, wrinkles and sagging.

2.Better sleep.
Experts say it’s due to the amino-acids in bone-broth which act like inhibitory neurotransmitters for the production of chemicals and hormones that are important for sleep.  Increasing glycine intake has been shown to help people who suffer from sleep problems get better rest as well as improve memory – that makes sense as when you’re well-rested, you can think clearer too.

3.Stronger bones and healthier joints.
The phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium in the bones that are used to make bone-broth, seeps out into the liquid to provide you with the essential building blocks for healthy bones. Bone-broth also contains chondroitin sulfate, which has been shown to lower the risk of osteoarthritis. If you suffer from joint-pain, you probably know that taking glucosamine supplements can help, but bone-broth contains this important compound too, along with other nutrients that keep the joints healthy and pain-free.

4.An energy boost
A boost of energy is something else most of us could use with our very busy schedules often leaving us drained by late-afternoon. As bone-broth is a great source of electrolytes, like potassium, magnesium, and sodium which help to sustain energy and are important for muscle, nerve, digestive and cognitive function. Many bone-broth fans swear by the boost of energy they get after consuming it. Some even claim it works better than coffee, without the side-effects.

5.Helps Detoxify the Liver and Digestive System.
Consuming bone-broth is an effective way to boost your supply of the antioxidant glutathione, one of the body’s most powerful detoxifying agents. Glutathione helps the liver flush out excess chemicals, stored hormones and other waste.

6.Boosts Immunity.
Bone-broth fasts can increase beneficial bacteria living in the gut, which are highly correlated with stronger immunity. Good-bacteria in the gut can actually turn on certain genes that help regulate inflammation and turn down numerous types of unwanted symptoms.

Now Incase You wondering How to make bone-broth, the link to the recipe can be found in the description of this video.

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  1. Bone broth are high in lead and they may cause depression in certain individuals because of some amino acids. No general statement can be made that bone broth is healthy as it may have life threatening effects for others.

  2. I throw a whole organic chicken, chicken feet, any other bones on hand- into a huge pot. Cover it with cold water and let it sit for 30 minutes. Add a couple tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar to the water to assist in releasing collagen into the water. Add Pink Himilayan or Sea Salt also. Meantime, rough chop some onions, garlic, ginger, celery, carrots with stalks on if possible, and fresh poultry herbs. Set aside in a bowl. Turn pot on medium-low, allow it to come to a slow simmer til it boils. Keep a low rolling boil, to get all the foam out of the pot. The foam is the bacteria. Takes about 15-30mnts to stop foaming, depending upon the meat. Important to rinse it well. Once it's stopped foaming, add the bowl of ingredients. If you want to, you can keep the skins on the onions, garlic, etc. I've read that there are nutrients in them. Also pinch cayenne pepper. I add more dried thyme, white wine, hemp hearts, fresh cracked pepper, tomato paste, more fresh basil and oregano. Cook anywhere from 4-8hrs. Take chicken out very carefully. Remove meat. Put bones back in pot. About 1 hour before serving, add 1-2 Cup rice, bag frozen sweet peas. Serve with shaker of cayenne pepper and fresh bread with butter 🙂

  3. I have discovered that non-GMO organic bones make excellent broth because of the quality of the animal, but after the broth is made make sure you freeze it in small quantities to be used because it will spoil quickly since it has not been treated with chemicals. It is very thick and Delicious depending on what you put in it while simmering for 2 days
    I have seen videos that say chicken makes the best broth but I prefer lamb.

  4. I have a Mexican grocery down the street. I buy a pound of chicken feet and a pound of beef shank. I put them in the Crock-Pot and pull them for 24 hours on a medium Heat with some carrots celery and onions in it. It makes meat Jell-O. My life and my wife's life has completely changed since we started this regiment about a month ago. It's unbelievable. We love the taste, but my wife will not look in the pot and see those chicken feed without gagging a little bit. But she does love the taste once it's finished.

  5. Its a soup and we here in the Himalayas use it during winters.. Its warm and good during the cold and snow.. Its good for your joints as a system of lubricating your joints.. Bone broth is simple and not as complicated as it has een made out to be.. You need simple ingredients and a pressure cooker.. You do not need those long cooking methods.. And like all things one does not need to consume it everyday.. Specially if you live in warm climates..

  6. Bone broth is basically just soup its consommé and I've been making soup for years.. it's the cheapest most nutritious food LOL calling it bone broth but thank you for the video

  7. First bone broth video I ever saw looking up cures for IBS like problems. I started this liquid fast today. Still hurts whenever you ingest anything, and you need to expect to be caught in the potty for awhile (maybe few hours even!). I binged on junk at 10pm last night (GS cookies and hot dog w bread and American cheese. Paid for it BIG TIME w high interest rate, too all am. I thought I was pooped out until I had 8oz of the bison bone broth at noon (no other food in there at all) that comes in a brown jar from.Whole Foods (2/12.00 This week, 14 oz each). I was wrong. Massive poop about 20 minutes after (this was 14 HOURS without any solid food minus the broth!) ! BUT, I could CONTROL it (you can't always in IBS diarrhea problems and it makes you want to literally kill yourself) That was HUGE for me! I've suffered greatly with this since Oct 2017! Doctors tried to "fix it" with antacids that DID NOT WORK! Prilsilec. Omeprazol. Fematodine! Only thing that helped AT ALL is A, Not eating at all (and negligible help, too, still couldn't control slimy poop at all) or hydrocodone (Vicodin) which is not ideal for alcoholics or drug addicts (either present or past, can be a trigger to use again for some). And they don't give it out easily these days.

    It's now almost July, 2018! So no real doctor help! I hear it's NOT ENOUGH acidity in tummy, NOT too much!!! Thus Bragg's Apple cider vinegar and bone broth fast.

    BUT Vicodin is NOT a cure! It is a band-aid on an amputation!

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