Organic Protein Powder Qatar

Organic Protein Powder Qatar


STUCK IN QATAR. For those who were watching my snapchat or my instagram stories the past few days, you will have seen me go through a stressful experience trying to get to Bali to speak at a conference. Thank you for your love and understanding. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here and follow my Instagram at and snapchat (fullyraw) as well. Sending many hugs!

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25 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Qatar”

  1. This channel needs more views & I hate that you get so many hateful comments.
    I love this channel so much.
    BTW I did not know that about international traveling but now I do.That's good to know.

  2. This very same situation was fortunate for me… the good folks at Ukrainian airlines let me take a plane to the USA with less than 6 months on my passport. AND the good folks at US customs in New York let me in with absolutely no issues. Obviously, on a Canadian passport, that was beautiful to see.

  3. @FullyRawKristina I know this is late, but… troubles come but Jesus already conquered the world. Just put faith in God and keep your hope up that even when stuff like this happens, He can help 🙂 use wisdom also. idk if you believe in God/Jesus, if you don't then hey Jesus loves you girly!, If you do, trust God in every situation! Follow Him <3 btw I don't watch these types of personal videos but I watched this one cuz I wanted to see what was up. I watched your armpit video and read some of the comments and felt bad for you cuz I saw that people seemed like they were nit-picky and judgmental. I felt like theres some people that don't care about others. so I decided to watch this one cuz I felt like I was gonna act like the people who just get what they want and not care about others. Sorry for not caring for you as a person. From watching this I can see you're a passionate, and emotional person. Thats not a slap, btw. I can tell you're a caring, heart-felt person, who cares about others well-being. You got love in your heart, girl! God has blessed you with a pure heart! God gave you wonderful characteristics, He wants to shine His Son through you! He doesn't want you to worry bout troubles they come, He wants you to be the best you you can be<3 Jesus is the Light, You shine for Him!! How fun!! God of the universe (who does not bring trouble but good things) wants to be close to you, be in your heart, shine through you, potter your heart, comfort you, love you, work in and through you!! He loves you, HE loves YOU, HE LOVES YOU!!! GOD IS BIGGER than any situation!! HE's papa!!

  4. Well even though it’s a tough experience, I had to say that it’s all your own mistake girl. It’s irrelevant how long of a flight that you had taken. Rules apply to everyone equally.

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