Organic Protein Powder Recipe

Organic Protein Powder Recipe

Organic Protein Powder Recipe | Gut Repair Shake | Bone Broth Protein Powder Recipe | Organixx Recipe

Looking for a delicious pear smoothie recipe that’s also a gut healing smoothie? Then you’re sure to love this bone broth shake. Find our new Organic Bone Broth Powder used in this recipe here:

This gut repair shake recipe incorporates multiple gut-soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients like pear, coconut milk, ginger, and bone broth.

Ginger is a spice that’s well-known for its ability to settle an upset stomach. If your tummy troubles are more severe, such as leaky gut, then this recipe with bone broth powder may be the perfect breakfast or snack option for you.

This simple bone broth recipe is an excellent way to get more collagen (gelatin) into your diet. Collagen has been shown to help heal the gut lining which can aid in alleviating the symptoms of “leaky gut syndrome.” This is a health condition in which partially digested food, toxins, viruses, yeast, and bacteria enter the bloodstream from the intestine. Leaky gut is believed to contribute to the development of allergies, autoimmune conditions, and even some neurological conditions.

You can use homemade bone broth in this bone broth smoothie recipe, or an even easier option is to make it with Organixx’s bone broth powder, which is now USDA certified organic. Want more healing smoothie recipes?

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