Organic Protein Powder Results

Organic Protein Powder Results

Organic Protein Powder Results | I ONLY ATE PROTEIN POWDER FOR A WEEK!! (and this is what happened…)

Insane PROTEIN ONLY DIET for 7 days.
What happens if you only eat Protein Powder for one week?!

Some people do low fat some do low carb diets- I just did both!

My favorite Protein Powder this week:

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Itsamee Mario!

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18 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Results”

  1. Never ever do this. I’m a doctor and I can tell you this is very dangerous it can really damage your kidneys! Mario go to your doctor and ask for a kidney exam as soon a possible .

  2. How you can gain fat% while u eat like 500calories protein shakes I'm afraid I was calculated 5day ago 76kg 19% Body Fat Today Says 74,300 kg and 20,80% body fat wtf just drink protein makes no sense really maybe it goes wrong with bodyfat I go pharmacy they have machine that calculate BMR body fat and weight my MBR Is Almost Close For Normal witch is 25 and Im 25,50 so weird

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