Organic Protein Powder Results

Organic Protein Powder Results

Organic Protein Powder Results | Vega Protein & Greens supplement | Day 24 of my 30 day Weight Loss Challenge 2016

This is day 24 of my 30 day weight loss challenge. I am starting to use Vega Protein & Greens. I wanted to do a quick video talking about that and letting you guys know what it tastes like.

Currently I am 3.8 pounds up. Not to good and a little demoralizing but that’s the breaks. I will continue this 30 day challenge and finish what I started.


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  1. Ur starving urself by having two shakes and only one meal a day,I think you should eat more veggies and plant based foods, move more and you will do fine…starving yourself is only prolonging the process….your body will store all the food thinking it won’t get it again and you will put on weight in the end….cheers….good luck budd

  2. I LOVE Vega products! I've been using them for a while now as meal replacement shakes and also like to drink them post workout to refuel. I try to replace at least one, sometimes even two meals a day with this shake. I always have them for breakfast. It's super fast and convenient and it keeps me satisfied and full for several hours!

  3. Just from partaking in this diet plan my results have been outstanding. I recommend this diet “sowo hope site” (Google it) to everyone to try it. The results apparently come so fast. My mate has already lost 15 pounds with this diet.

  4. Chocolate Vega & a frozen banana & some spinach amounts to breakfast for me about every day. Blend it with my old 600 Nutribullet. For me diets didn't work; lifestyle changes are what finally made the difference.

  5. I use vegan protein shakes to replace breakfast (not a breakfast person anyway), and sometimes for dinner. add a carrot instead of a banana. it will help with the sugar cravings.

    how are your clothes fitting? that's the bottom line with fat loss. the weight on a scale is bs (yes, I know I've said that 5 million times). if your putting on muscle, while losing fat the scale will go up (and depress the hell out of you).

    are your clothes looser? do they fit better? are the getting to be too big? those are much more accurate measures of fat loss.

  6. I used to use protein and mass gainers when I used to train like a bodybuilder but now I am trying to eat more natural plus I no longer weight lift. That Vega stuff looks good though. I may have to try it.

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