Organic Protein Powder Safe For Breastfeeding

Organic Protein Powder Safe For Breastfeeding

Organic Protein Powder Safe For Breastfeeding | Formula, Breast Feeding, & First Foods (Pediatric Advice)

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Formula, Breast Feeding, and First Foods

Breast feeding is best. Take a look at the ingredient list on a can of formula and you will notice a list a mile long. This includes “partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil”. This is because natural fat would spoil if left on the shelf for months or years.
I prefer organic formula’s if you must use formula, but exclusive breast feeding is the best way to feed your newborn.
How much should my baby eat? Enough to gain weight, and newborns should get back to birth weight by 10-14 days of age. Make plans to track your baby’s weight, with visits a few days after birth, then at 2 weeks, and again at 2 months. If breast feeding, the more you nurse the more you make and babies will eat more often if they need more, so on-demand feeding makes perfect sense. For moms who have ample milk supply, then a schedule for feeding will work also. If feeding in a bottle, the most your baby can take at a time is about one ounce per Kg of weight every 3-4 hours. A baby weighing 8 pounds is about 4 Kg, so could take up to 4 ounces every 3-4 hours. By the time your baby is 16-20 pounds, they will have a maximum intake of about 8 ounces at a time. Solids are typically being introduced at this point also, making it very rare that you would ever need to feed more than 6-8 ounces at a time.
Start solids around 4 months. There are actually fewer allergies for those who introduce foods earlier. 50 to 100 years ago, babies were being started on solids as early as 6 weeks of age. Go with organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid the rice cereal due to the high arsenic content and avoid the other grains, especially the gluten containing foods. The hygiene hypothesis has demonstrated that earlier exposure to pets or dust or hay results in fewer allergies. We used to say “delay introducing solids to avoid allergies”. Well that was absolutely the wrong advice and studies have now shown that for foods, just like for the environmental allergens, earlier introduction and exposure results in fewer allergies.
If you are struggling with breast feeding, and considering giving up, please consult a lactation specialist. The La Leche League, or your local hospital, can provide referrals to specialists in your area.


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  1. I rather feed my baby whole organic veggies and fruits than formula . It’ makes no sense how a baby can digest corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, whey protein and not an apple or banana. Rather supplement on top of breast feeding with puréed food. It’s so difficult when u have low supply or jus can’t feed.

  2. This was amazingly helpful. I freak out when I think I’m feeding my baby too much. He was born 9 lbs 1.3 oz and I’m feeding him 4oz… it’s clearly not enough for him. Breaking down by weight / 2 was helpful.

  3. The world health organisation recommends 6 months for solids… im always confused when paeds suggest starting earlier than this, what research is it based on and why would the WHO not take it into account when making their recommendations?

  4. I planned my now 5 month old and I'm old school love being a stay at home mom to breastfeed my son full time and see his development letting my husband be the bread winner I've work since I was 16 and worked while my other children were in daycare and as I've grown older and became more wise I've researched and learned that the system we live in doesn't give women the rights to be a normal nourishing soft caring mother to enjoy being a stay at home mother for at least the first year I wouldn't have it any other way

  5. I was thinking that we have to ebf till 6 months and surprised to know that we can introduce solids at 4 months and the reason is much acceptable…And doctor, please have a flight and come to India, we need some calm and a no rush pediatrician here , love all your videos

  6. Doctor Paul you need to shut the hell up you don’t know shit all baby’s can eat everything and I mean everything at four months old and by six months should be off all formula and breast milk day and night and be drinking water juice and a little cows milk in a cup I hate breastfeeding as it is but after four months it’s just bloody disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed especially in public

  7. Hi Dr. Paul! My 6 month old is very gassy this past week, i fed her pureed peas, potato and a bit of thin date puree. I give her 3 tablespoons of water daily too. What should i do, she screams and fusses all day long. She had no problem with apple and banana though. She hasn't passed stool since two days too (after i gave her potato) please guide me what wrong could i be doing? She is breastfed + solids.

  8. An awful lot of sweeping statements on here. My story is one that is rarely mentioned. Grade 3 inverted nipples – and yes, I'm aware (now) that it is possible to feed breastmilk – whether via the breast or a pump. The problem was (28 years ago), I didn't think I'd be able to and no one told me any different. I had no support, advice, nothing – the conversation just never happened, so I formula fed. All I can say is, thank heaven for formula. I would love to have tried though, just thought it wasn't possible.

  9. Why wouldn't you? Grade 3 inverted nipples and no support is why I didn't! This man is fueling the guilt complex of mothers who really struggle. I'm so glad I'm not having babies now.

  10. I also felt it was weird to wait so long to feed my baby solids especially since he watched me with so much interest as i ate so i started introducing him to real food at about 3months and hes now 8 months big handsome healthy boy..thank u for this video i breastfeed & it is really encouraging to hear that its whats best for baby

  11. Our family adopted a baby boy. He's a low birth weight baby. He stayed in the hospital for a full week to cure his pneumonia. His birthmother was able to supply him breastmilk for 2 weeks then went away. My mom is giving him enfamil gentlease because those formula for premature and low birthweight babies are giving him hard time pooping. I'm just afraid that he's not getting enough nutrients. 🙁

  12. We have wet mothers donating their over supplies in our hospitals breastfeeding support groups. This is a wonderful thing happening which was not going on 18 years ago when I was breastfeeding my first baby. Not even support groups back then. I believe mothers milk is better than animal derived milk if able to obtain it.

  13. fed is best. babies have died from breastfeeding exclusively . No one should feel pressured to breastfeed formula is just as good my daughter is formula fed and she is healthy and happy

  14. FUCK YOU! How dare you shame formula feeding mothers and compare formula to fast food, you fucking loser. Why wouldn't a woman breastfeed??! Lots of reason that a REAL doctor would know about. Not to mention that women are more than just breasts. You are a misogynist.

  15. My child has been almost exclusively formula fed due to a highly problematic delivery. By the time I was well enough he was so used to the bottle it’s all he wanted. He’s five months old now and seems just fine. Gaining weight tho he’s on the small side for babies his age his dr says he’s just right for him. He’s started his rice cereal and likes baby sweet potatoes. He is very healthy. I wish I could have breast fed him but it just didn’t work out that way.

  16. I have recently started solid for my 6 months baby she was exclusively on breastmilk. But the day i started her solids she gets dirreah. What should i do. She pass 3 to 4 greenish watery stool each day. Is it normal???

  17. I exclusively pumped for 16 months due to major latching issues and post partum depression. It is a viable option although as a social worker I always think a balance of maternal mental health and benefits of breast milk should be considered. Formula is way better than a mom who isn’t coping.

  18. Dr. THomas please call me … I didn't want to give my baby Formula.. I Breastfeed my daughter who was born full term at 5pds 13oz 19 inches.. took her to all Pediatrician apts. I am 130pds her father 135 pds .. we are small people.. but we all wanted her to gain weight.. at 3 week appointment. The doctor wanted us to feed her Similac.. we were hesitant due to the reviews.. . asked was it another formula they could recommend they offered Similac Organic. We followed doctors orders.. our baby became constipated for 2 weeks. We checked back with Pediatrician to see what advice they could recommend but they never answered our question at the appointment. They did respond by saying keep giving her Similac.. . We thought lets find something easier on her stomach. we found a formula from Sprouts called Baby's Choice. Brought Baby's Choice formula to Pediatrician and they approved it. They were still saying she needed to gain weight. We searched for something that was nutritional for our child and found out about a homemade formula.. that consisted of Bananas, Coconut Milk, Corella and kelp.. . .. Now they're saying this is wrong.. Wanted to get your advice on this. If you could please get back to me on this I would greatly appreciate it! (

  19. Unfortunately, the pediatrician didn't tell me this important information. I had do the research on my own, and my baby's homeopathic doctor asked me to supply with organic formula instead of Gerber (which has GMOs, Glyphosates, antibiotics and growth hormones from conventional milk)

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