Organic Protein Powder Safe For Breastfeeding

Organic Protein Powder Safe For Breastfeeding

Organic Protein Powder Safe For Breastfeeding | Do You Need To Take Hemp Protein Powder As A Vegan?

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Are you a vegan or a raw vegan? Taking or are thinking of taking hemp protein powder to boost your protein intake?

Protein concerns are common amongst vegans, especially those who want to build muscle on a raw vegan or vegan lifestyle.

And while it is possible to bump into a protein deficiency if you severely undereat on calories, most people will not experience this reality.

The World Health Organization recommends that as adults, we consume around 5% of protein per day. (1)

Guess how much protein you will consume on a well-balanced raw vegan lifestyle that is built upon fruits, vegetables and some (optional) nuts and seeds? Between 5-7% of your total daily calories.

While hemp seeds are rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), the amount of protein you get in it does not actually beat fruits and veggies.

For example, 1 tablespoon of hemp protein powder contains about 4-5g of protein.

1 head of Cos or Romaine lettuce contains 7.7g of protein. (2)

200g of spinach contains 5.7g of protein.

8 medium bananas contain 10.3g of protein.

Will the taking of protein powders help you to build muscle if you are a vegan? The answer is no they won’t.

Simply focus on eating enough calories from fruit, greens and some (optional) nuts and seeds and you will meet your protein needs no problem.

Personally, we haven’t been taking any extra protein on a raw vegan lifestyle during our 6-year raw food journey. We have competed in endurance races, I (Yulia) went through a successful pregnancy and I am now breastfeeding our daughter, whose development is healthy.

We know a lot of other long-term raw foodists, who are athletes and into powerlifting or weight training and they are muscular guys (like Mike Vlasaty. See the link here for our interview with him:

So while we would not advise against hemp protein if you wanted to boost your EFAs intake, we would certainly not recommend taking it solely for its protein content.

A food plan that is based upon fruits and greens is the one to choose for healthy protein consumption.

What are your thoughts and experiences? Post your comments below!

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Wishing you abundant health,
Paul and Yulia Tarbath


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