Organic Protein Powder Safe For Pregnancy

Organic Protein Powder Safe For Pregnancy

Organic Protein Powder Safe For Pregnancy | What Supplements I’m taking during my Vegan Pregnancy


All supplements are listed on my blog post:

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24 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Safe For Pregnancy”

  1. I think you know your bloodwork and body well. ir seems like you rake the peoducts for it well but you dont clme across as someone who knows more then whats on google. not to be rude but Its not oke to make tgese videos only thing is that yes everyone should go for organic suplements that are plantbased

  2. The recommended dosage of b12 during pregnancy is 2.6 mcg in prenatal. Don't you think 1500mcg even 3 or 4 times a day is too much? Will it complicate pregnancy?

  3. Sarah, THANK YOU so much for this video on supplements during vegan pregnancy. Me and my hubby decided to go vegan 8 months ago. Best Decision!!!! This week we found out that I am over 8 weeks pregnant ( my first pregnancy 😉 ) Sooooo I am ever so grateful for this video and your blog. HUGE THANK YOU :-* :-*

  4. Hey love, I just found out I'm pregnant and was so excited to go back and re-reference this video! Quick question – do you take all these supplements at once, or do you split them up during the day? Basically what is your schedule for taking these…some in the morning, some in the evening? thank you so much for being a light! xoxo much love, sister!

  5. Your so Beautiful!!! Really helpful video !! Definitely reading you blog post . Thank you so much for the information .
    I do have a question what baby formula do you give your baby ?

  6. Great video!
    I was interested to know why you didn’t go with the Lifestream spirilina? (Aside from the fact you have found one you like better) Do you still think that they have put out a good spirilina product? Just curious, as it is the one I’m using, and am hoping it is a good/safe product.
    I’m also from nz, So very cool to see companies I recognise !

  7. SO HELPFUL! I'm so excited to have a vegan pregnancy but after hearing so many mixed opinions about vitamins and wether or not women should take a prenatal or not, it all gets confusing and frustrating. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on supplements and vitamins for a healthy vegan pregnancy. <3 Sending love from the US.

  8. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for this video. Its so informative and has helped me so much.
    Do you know how long it takes for the vitamin d3 spray to take effect? Im 5 weeks pregnant with a mild vitamin d deficiency. Im considering taking 2 sprays a day. Would love to know your thoughts?

  9. Love this video, thank you for the info. Good place to start for a supplement newbie. Could you do a video on everyday supplements for toddlers/children and also what to do when they get sick?

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