Organic Protein Powder Sam’s

Organic Protein Powder Sam’s

Organic Protein Powder Sam’s | Joe Rogan – Drinking Bone Broth and Eating Bone Marrow

From Episode #928 of the Joe Rogan Experience
Joe Rogan and guest Arian Foster

Joe and Arian discuss pain, taste buds, spicy food, drinking bone broth, and eating bone marrow.


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  1. Dude just buy your own bones from a butcher (need to ask for them usually isn’t on display) and make it, you can buy enough bones from a butcher for like $2.13, to make 2 bottles that cost $5 each in Whole Foods.

  2. I am drinking my post-workout spicy beef bone broth as I watch this. I eat everything he was talking about, but I draw the line at chitterlings… that's literally the animal's poop-chute.

  3. I've been eating chicken wings with bones and all and my health is great my dick is stiff like wood every night and every night I ram it up the gut! I believe it is due to the chicken bones I eat. I feel like if I stop eating chicken bones my dick with be flaccid when I fuck.

  4. Grilled bone marrow is the snack or appetizer of kings! Broth is good too. With a black coffee chaser. May not taste that good together, but you will be ready for the challenge of the day.

  5. 8 cups water
    3-4 Beef Leg Bones
    2 Bouillon Cubes (I use chicken)
    1 Can of Diced Tomatoes
    Salt & Pepper
    Boil for 2 hours
    You can add 1 cup of rice near the end if you want a good soup. If you just want a clean broth for drinking strain out the tomatoes and bones.
    Thank me later.

  6. Definitely The Best This For all Around Health & Healing. Drink all much as you want and add a Green drink to your diet and you'll be firing on all cyclinders in no time.

  7. Liver is good, you have to cook it properly. Chicken of beef (calf) liver should be put in the fridge in a container of milk, over night. The remove all the "silver skin" and the meat around the vessels (the holes) with a sharp knife. You can dust it in flour and fry it in a skillet or bake it in the oven with olive oil, salt, pepper, whatever herbs you like, chili, basil, oregano, some folks wrap it in bacon, etc… but always use some salt and absolutely do not over cook it, or it gets tough. I think most people don't like it because they either think it is gross or they had it cooked wrong, so it tasted like iron or was like an inner sole of a shoe. It is cheap, good and good for you. Buy it from a butcher, too, if you can. You want it fresh, not frozen. Also, for a nice bone derived soup, find a Vietnamese restaurant that makes their broth for the Pho Bo from scratch (it is easy, it just takes a while and you have to skim the surface a bunch of times). It is dynamite. I had it for breakfast in the small towns and you can get the soup with different cuts of meat and beef tendons. I have a similar soup with pig's liver and blood cake (exactly what it sounds like) and that was a little rough in the AM, but it was well made. Here is a recipe:

  8. WORD. The bone is highly nutritious in terms of vitamins, minerals, aminoacids (protein), and essential fats. It makes sense when you think about the bones being the structure of your body, the hardest part, makes sense they would require higher nutritional resources. Just boil them until they are soft like a paste, then treat it like a soup and add spices and salt to taste.

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