Organic Protein Powder Sam’s

Organic Protein Powder Sam’s

Organic Protein Powder Sam’s | Weight Loss Starter Kit // WHAT YOU NEED IN YOUR KITCHEN

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Products Mentioned:
Ancient Harvest, POW! Pasta, Black Bean Elbows
Ancient Harvest, POW! Pasta, Red Lentil Rotini
Bragg, Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning
Navitas Organics, Organic Chia Seeds
Navitas Organics, Organic, Goji Berries
Nutiva, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Sunfood, Amazon Acai Powder
Yogi Tea, Peach DeTox, Caffeine Free
Yogi Tea, Positive Energy, Sweet Tangerine


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35 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Sam’s”

  1. Sorry for the double comment, please don’t hate me. THANK YOU for bringing up healthy fats and positive weight loss. Your hair and nails and skin will benefit so much!! Not enough you tubers bring this up.

  2. you should look into cymbiotika – they have a supplement of the perfect omega 6 and omega 3 balance since you need a balance of both to really reduce inflammation in the body! The supplement is sourced from green algae ..(your favorite) and is VEGAN!

  3. Not necessarily weight loss food items but ones that I always have in my pantry… Hemp seeds to sprinkle on everything! Sacha Inchi seeds (hubs loves to snack on these), little packs of roasted seaweed. Favorite teas are Chai Rooibos and of course good ole Chamomile. For pasta I use Banza 🙂 And yes, nooch is LIFE!!

  4. you may have already done this but please link me to or make a video about how the heck im supposed to build my self-control and fight cravings or "binging". I live with three skinny roommates that can eat whatever they want and im so weak lol! We go to fast food, eat raman, chips, soda, etc. I have teas, fruits, and frozen veggies/fruits/meats to help me have healthier alternatives to what they have, but their meals are so much easier and hard to say no to. They sometimes want to be healthier and we DO choose healthy options sometimes, but it's not often. (Also how do I get myself to go to the gym when none of them do. I even have a gym in my complex.) Help me!!!!

  5. Hey Sam, I recently learned that coconut oil can clog your arteries which could lead to heart attacks. A nutritionist advised my friend to move their coconut oil from the kitchen to the bathroom. Just thought I would pass along this information as it was news to me. Love your videos!!

  6. Seriously, I am so happy i found your channel a couple of months ago! I love your positivity and how down to earth you are! I also LOVE that you went plant-based/vegan, so I am able to relate to your videos and advice! Watching to explain nutritional yeast in this vid made me laugh! Its seriously SO good and I felt the same way before going vegan! I was like "yeast?! is like cheese? GTFO!" lol! But it really is SO good!! Thanks for spreading a positive message and giving such helpful tips for people who may be interested in being more plant- based! xoxo

  7. Love this. So true of that i have the same issue. Ill be good all day soon is night comes around all my cravings go crazy it haunts me until i eat i feel sick to be honest if i dont eat it. Ill try tea this time

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